How to choose the best WordPress theme for your website

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Are you looking to create your own WordPress website?  First of all, before you begin, you should check out our non-technical guide to starting a WordPress website.  It gives you a great step-by-step outline of what you’ll need to start your WordPress website.

One of the steps on the website is to get a WordPress theme.  Your theme refers to, essentially, how your website is displayed.

Choosing the right WordPress theme is an important part of creating your website.  After all, this is how your website is displayed, and first impressions are a big deal.  If you are say creating a website for your company, you want anyone who finds your website to right away have a good impression of your business.

So it may seem stressful to pick out a WordPress theme.  How do you find a good WordPress theme?

Well, it needs to be a WordPress theme that makes sense with your website.  For example, a fun and playful WordPress theme designed for daycare centers or baby-sitters wouldn’t make as much sense for an accountant.

WordPress Themes For Genres

So on that line of thinking, you could pick a WordPress theme to fit you or your company’s field or genre.  You may find the perfect one for the website you are planning to design depending on of course what kind of website you want to design:

Other WordPress Themes

You don’t have to pick a WordPress theme based on your website’s genre.  You can also base it on other things, such as: