Best WordPress themes for starting a recipe website or blog

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If you’re a foodie who loves recipes and cooking, then having a website for recipes can be a lot of fun (and quite profitable).  If you don’t have a lot of experience creating your own websites, then don’t worry; WordPress is a great choice for a CMS to use that would allow you to run your own website without any coding knowledge (for reasons why WordPress is great, please see here and also click here for our non-technical guide to getting started on WordPress).

If you have chosen to use WordPress for your recipe website, then you’ll need a theme.  This is a wonderful way to have a beautiful website that is literally custom made for a recipe website.  It will allow you to create and update your website without having to code or change the website, and the website will look incredibly professional.  But you might be wondering which Recipe WordPress theme to use.  I have picked out this list because these are professional, beautiful themes that are the most catered to recipe websites and blogs (sometimes a theme will say it’s food or recipe centric but is instead much more catered to restaurants).  So take a look at these 35 WordPress recipe themes:

    1. YumBlog
    2. Recipe
    3. Basil Recipes
    4. Food Recipes
    5. Recipes
    6. SocialChef
    7. Chow
    8. Neptune
    9. Talisa
    10. Cuisine
    11. Food & Cook
    12. Delicioso
    13. Culinier
    14. Quick Recipe
    15. Lami
    16. Ingredients
    17. Forkbite
    18. Parsley
    19. Good Food
    20. SaltKitchen
    21. Tasty Food
    22. myRecipes
    23. RecipePress
    24. Foodbook
    25. Bacon
    26. The Kitchen Table
    27. Epicer
    28. Food Blog
    29. Gustos
    30. Chilipeno
    31. Spiced
    32. Lahanna
    33. Sprout & Spoon
    34. Kukacraft
    35. Cooking Blog

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If you’re a foodie who loves recipes and cooking, then having a website for recipes can be a lot of fun (and quite profitable). You can make one without knowing coding by doing a WordPress website with one of these themes. All of themes are custom made for recipe websites & make it easy for you to make a beautiful, professional website with no previous experience. Get one of these themes for your new blog or website & then start making lots of money