Best spa price templates

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Do you own or run a spa?  Or do you run a website for a spa?  Either way, I am sure you are asked what your prices are.

So I am sure your business could benefit from a spa price list.  It’s something you can print off and physically put up in your business.  But it is also something you could list on your website, Facebook, or even put in an Instagram post.

But let’s say you don’t want to openly share your prices.  Which is a very valid decision.  For starters, by not listing your price, you can get someone to ask you for them.  And that can get feedback started from potential customers.  Additionally, you don’t always want to scare someone off with high prices immediately.  By withholding prices, you can have someone grow to like your services before they see your prices.

But when you don’t list your prices on your website, people will constantly be asking you about your prices through email, contact forms, Facebook messages, etc.  So in this case, it would be great if you already had a space price list.  A PDF, Word, or other type of file readily available that you could email or message someone.

So that is why it’s great to get a spa price list template.  A lot of your work is already done for you.  The template is set up in a fancy, professional way without you having to do all the work.  All you have to do is edit in your own prices, spa name, and other information.  And then it is ready to go.  And if you change your prices, you can easily edit it again.

So we came up with our list of the best spa price list templates.

Top 10 Spa Price List Templates

  1. Salon and Spa Price List, Editable DIY Template
  2. Green Spa Price List
  3. Spa Menu Price List
  4. DIY Salon and Spa Pricing Template, Beauty Salon Price, Nail/Makeup/Hair Salon, Try Before You Buy, Instant Download, 100% Editable
  5. Editable Price Menu Template, Salon Price List, Printable Price Guide DIY Pricing List, Editable Price Chart ANY business, Instant Access
  6. Salon and Spa Price List Template
  7. Juliette Minimalist Spa Menu Sign, Beauty Price List, Small Business Printable | EDITABLE TEMPLATE
  8. Spa Price List Template, Esthetician Price List Menu, Esthetician Business Form Packs & Templates
  9. Sakura Spa Menu Template – Double Sided
  10. Day Spa Skincare Price List (Peach) Rack Card