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How to run great social media accounts for your business or website. Tips to help you get more followers, better engagement, greater reach and better content.

How to mute or suppress background noise

How to Reduce Background Noise When Recording

How to Reduce Background Noise When Recording Do you have a podcast?  Do you ever live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.?  Then I know you don't want to have to deal...
best pink lightroom desktop & mobile presets

30 Best Pink Lightroom Presets

Should You Use Pink Lightroom Presets? Are you looking for the best pink Lightroom presets? Lightroom presets are an easy, effective way to add a beautiful cohesive look to your Instagram feed, blog...
20 best spring Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop

20 Best Spring Lightroom Presets

Using Lightroom Presets for Spring Whether you're a blogger, influencer, social media manager or online business owner, you know how important it is to use the best images. Not only should they...
Find out what the top Instagram trends for 2020 are

Top 7 Instagram Trends 2020

Top 7 Instagram Trends of 2020 2020 is here, and it's time to start thinking about how you're going to best use Instagram.  Whether you are an influencer, blogger, business owner, virtual...
Romantic Lightroom Presets for Valentine's Day Mobile and Desktop

25 Best Valentine’s Day Lightroom Preset Options

Would you like to make your social media posts and photos look perfect for Valentine's Day - with just one click? That's the beauty of using a Valentine's Day Lightroom preset! Lightroom Presets A...
best Valentine's Day fonts for bloggers, social media managers, influencers

14+ Best Valentine’s Day Fonts

Are you a blogger, business owner, social media manager or influencer? Do you post on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc)? Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, so now is the perfect...
wedding photos before and after with desktop lightroom preset

15 Best Wedding Lightroom Preset Options

Do you run a wedding blog?  Do you run an online business that sells wedding products?  Are you a social media manager with a client specializing in weddings?  Are you in...
Learn how to increase page views for your website or blog

How to Increase Page Views: 12 Simple Ways

How to Increase Page Views As website developers and bloggers, we are always wanting to increase page views.  The more people viewing our pages means the more people you can reach.  And...
Tutotrial for using Group Boards on Pinterest to grow your Pinterest Account

Best Way to Use Pinterest Group Boards 2020

Want to find out the best way to use Pinterest group boards to accomplish your business or blogging goals? Pinterest group boards can be extremely helpful, whether you're trying to: Increase traffic...
Promo code for Weebly hosting & website builder

Weebly Promo Code

Weebly Are you looking to build a website but have you no experience doing so?  Weebly is a wonderful way to easily do just that!  They have a website builder that is...