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When you run a website or blog and you need a web host, then choosing a VPS hosting plan is a great idea.  Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is VPS hosting? Well it stands for “Virtual Private Server”, and as the name implies, it is almost like having a private server because a VPS hosting environment mimics that of a private server.  It’s like having your website operate like it’s on its own server but at a fraction of a cost.

Now, if that’s confusing to you, don’t worry.  Here’s what you need to know. When you are looking to choose a web host, most people will choose a shared plan.  This is where basically a bunch of people share a server, and this means you save a lot of money on the cost of the plan.  But like all things in life, sharing is not always the best option. For one thing, because sharing means a lot of people are using the same server, this can slow it down.  And if you have a website that is complex, it can use up too much of the server and your website can then be temporarily shut down by your web host. This is what happened to me when I ran a job board website that used a lot of resources and had a large database of resumes that employers were constantly searching through; it slowed it down and my website was constantly going down.  This was not the case when that same website was on a VPS server. Think of it like when a bunch of people are all using wifi in the same house. It can make the wifi slower for everyone.

Another reason a VPS server can be superior to shared hosting is the security.  Because you are sharing a server with other people, you can’t control what other people are doing and this could compromise your website.  But with a VPS, you are much safer.

So having said this, you might be wondering, then why would you choose shared over VPS?  Well, it is usually much cheaper; however, there are some website hosts that do offer relatively cheap VPS.  Here are 15 options you could choose for just this, and please use Website Tips and Tutorial’s links to get extra savings!

  1. BlueHost
  2. 1&1
  3. A2
  4. DreamHost
  5. Namecheap
  6. InMotion
  7. iPage
  8. InterServer
  9. AvaHost
  10. MyHosting
  11. HostGator
  12. Scala
  13. JaguarPC
  14. Ultra Web Hosting
  15. Web Hosting Pad


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If you want a safer & faster web host for your website or blog, then a VPS hosting solution could be a great idea. It's like having your own server for a fraction of the cost. We list 15 different options for fairly cheap VPS hosting & we give you discounts for all of them!