Best Lightroom Presets for Bookstagram Images and Book Photography

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Using Lightroom Presets with Book Photography

Do you run a Bookstagram?

Do you have a lot of bookish posts on your Instagram (or blog or website)?

As a book lover on social media, I’m sure you put a lot of time and care into your book images.

But did you know there’s any easy way to make your photos look even better?

And that’s by using Lightroom presets that are perfect for Bookstagram!

With Lightroom presets, you can improve the coloring and appearance of your images with just one click. You can use Lightroom on your desktop or laptop computer – that requires a paid subscription. Or, you can do it on your phone with the Lightroom mobile app, which is free.

We’ve put together a list of the 65 best Lightroom presets for Bookstagram. These presets (which come in mobile and/or desktop form) are a great way to edit your book photography. You can brighten pictures, increase vibrancy, create an airy look, bring out certain colors, and more. Use one (or some) of these filters to produce a cohesive look on your Bookstagram account that’s also professional – and beautiful!

65 Best Bookstagram Lightroom Presets

  1. Bookstagram Bundle – 130 Lightroom Presets
  2. 5 Moody & Dreamy Bookstagram Lightroom Mobile Presets
  3. Bookstagrammers Preset Bundle – 5 Mobile & Desktop Presets
  4. Bookish – 4 Mobile Lightroom Preset Filters
  5. Clean Bookstagram Set – 10 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  6. Deep Autumn – 5 Bookstagram Mobile Photo Presets
  7. Light & Bright Book Blogger Mobile & Desktop Presets – Set of 12
  8. Bold Booksta – 10 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets
  9. Warm Neutrals Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Preset Perfect for Bookstagram
  10. Bibliophile Preset Pack – 16 Aesthetic Lightroom Filters Inspired by Literary Locations
  11. Soft Pastel Cute Bookstagram Lightroom Mobile Filter
  12. Bright Winter Lightroom Bundle – 5 Mobile Presets for Bookstagrammers, Influencers & Bloggers
  13. Book Musing – Mobile Lightroom Preset Designed by a Bookstagrammer
  14. Antique Bookstagram: 10 Soft & Cozy Presets for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  15. Chasing Colours Lovely Bookstagram Lightroom Mobile Preset
  16. Sugar & Spice – 3 Desktop Lightroom Filters for Bookstagram (Warm Coffee, Vintage Reader, and Latte & Books)
  17. Dusk Lightroom Filter for Book Photography
  18. Journaling – 15 Lightroom Mobile Presets for Bookstagram, Journal Pictures, Flatlays, Indoor Photoshoots & More
  19. Sweet Book Photography Lightroom Filter (Brings Out Oranges & Blues)
  20. Paperback – 10 Unique Vintage Bookstagram Desktop & Mobile Presets
  21. Peaches & Dream – A Soft & Fluffy Bookstagram Mobile Preset with a Twist of Pastel
  22. 5 Seasonal Bookstagram Lightroom Presets (for Mobile & Desktop): Spring, Summer Cool, Winter, Autumn Cool, and Autumn Warm
  23. Cozy Bookstagram Mobile Lightroom Preset
  24. Book Worm – A Cool & Moody Lightroom Photography Preset for Instagram Influencers
  25. Blank Page – 10 Bright Bookish Filters for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  26. Shades of Grey Mobile Preset to Make Photos of Books & Bookish Merch Pop
  27. Bookish Xmas Lightroom Mobile Preset for Christmas Bookstagram Images
  28. Bookstagram 7 Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack
  29. Pumpkin Soup Mobile Lightroom Preset Created for Bookstagram Community
  30. History – A Vintage Mobile Preset with a Fade to Enhance the Mood
  31. Tidy Shelf – 10 Beautiful Bookstagram Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  32. Everybody Rise – A Pretty Lightroom Mobile Preset for Bookstagram Posts
  33. Dusted Dahlia Pack of 5 Unique Mobile Lightroom Filters for Bookstagrammers & Content Creators
  34. Low Lights Bookish Preset for Lightroom Mobile
  35. Lionheart – A Grungry Red Mobile Preset for Bookstagrammers (and Gryffindors)
  36. Dark Academia – 25 Lightroom Presets (in Mobile & Desktop) for Bookstagram & Autumn Themed Photos
  37. Winter Frost Bookstagram Preset for Lightroom Mobile
  38. A Brighter Sky – A Mobile Lightroom Preset for Bookstagram Images with Shades of Blue, Pink, and White
  39. Clean & Soft Bookstagram Pack – 10 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets
  40. Cocoa Bookstagram Mobile Preset
  41. Orange Magic Lightroom Mobile Bookstagram Preset
  42. Dark Cottage – 5 Unique Bookish Presets for Lightroom Mobile
  43. Spring Faerie Mobile Lightroom Preset for Bookstagram
  44. Pastel Passion Pretty Instagram Lightroom Mobile Preset for Books
  45. Storybook – 10 Vintage Bookstagram Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets
  46. Blissful Bookshelf Mobile Lightroom Preset
  47. Warm Cinnamon Bookstagram Preset for Lightroom Mobile
  48. Pink Bookstagram Cozy Preset Pack – 5 Soft Pink Vibrant Presets for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  49. Books Be Vibin’ – A Fun Mobile Lightroom Preset
  50. Silver Chasm – A Subtle Mobile Preset for Muted Tones with Detail
  51. 20 Bookstagram Lightroom Presets (Mobile & Desktop) for Book Lovers, Journaling & More
  52. Caramel Latte Lightroom Mobile Bookstagram Photo Presets for Warm Brown Tones
  53. Light Reads, A Mobile Preset for the Bookstagram Community
  54. Bookstagram Creams – 3 Soft, Airy & Bright Lightroom Presets (for Mobile & Desktop)
  55. Antique Store Lightroom Preset for Books
  56. Light It Up – A Bookstagram Mobile Preset for Removing the Warm, Slightly Off Tones of Natural Lighting
  57. Books 10 Bookstagram Mobile Lightroom Presets
  58. Cosy Bookshop – Lightroom Mobile Preset
  59. Brilliance Filter for Bookstagram Photos
  60. Autumn Gold Bookstagram Presets – 4 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  61. Baby Steps, A Beautiful Lightroom Mobile Bookstagram Preset
  62. Royal Reader Mobile Lightroom Instagram Preset
  63. Indoor Bright Preset Pack – 6 Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  64. Warm Sepia Stunning Mobile Lightroom Preset
  65. Cool Vintage Mobile Bookstagram Preset

More Ideas for Book Lovers

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