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How to help you improve your WordPress website by choosing helpful plugins that can help your website run more efficiently. Plugin comparisons and recommendations.

If you're trying to make your WordPress website GDPR compliant, then get this WP GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Why GDPR Cookie Consent is the Best GDPR Plugin for WordPress

GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin What Is the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin? The WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin is a great plugin that will help your website comply with the GDPR Cookie Policy.  The...
Find out 10 common form fails that lead to form abanadonment & how you can fix them

5 Website Fails That Lead to Form Abandonment

Earlier this week, I discussed abandoned carts, but today I'm going to discuss abandoned forms.  Abandoned forms are similar to abandoned carts, but they don't have to exclusively be when customers...
Invaluable eCommerce advice. Abandoned cart email strategy tips.

10 Tips for an Effective Abandoned Cart Email Strategy

Abandoned Cart Email Strategy Tips Did you know that more than 70% of shoppers abandon their carts at checkout?  This can be frustrating for anyone who runs an eCommerce business because it...
How to build a WordPress WooCommerce auction website

How to Create an Auction Website

Would you like to create your own auction website like Ebay?  The possibilities with this online business idea are endless.  You could create a more general website like Ebay or you...
Must read WordPress guide. Find out what the difference between WP Pages & Posts are what to do if you accidentally make a page a post & vice versa

WordPress Page vs Post

WordPress is a popular platform for both bloggers as well as small businesses or web developers looking to design a website (with or without a blog component). Therefore, it's not surprising that...
How to customize an email template in WooCommerce in WordPress

How to Customize a WooCommerce Email Template

We all know how important branding is, and how you want your WooCommerce store to reflect your brand - and you.  So of course it’s natural if you want a plugin...
Step by step how to guide for making money online as a fitness expert

How to Make Money in Fitness Online

If you're passionate about fitness and staying in shape, then I'm sure you would love to know that you could make a living off off fitness online! Just take...
How to create a product review website with BlueHost & WordPress

How to Create a Product Review Website

If you have a lot of opinions on products & like sharing your advice with others, then a product review website would be a great option for you.  Product review websites...
Why your WordPress online store needs a Facebook for WooCommerce plugin

Why You Need This Free Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin

If you have a WordPress website with WooCommerce, then you can take your online store to a whole new level with the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin. Here are 3 different reasons why: 1....
How you can make money with your blog with using banner ads

How to Monetize a Blog without Ads

Now, you can probably tell from my website that I do like running banner ads.  This website is hosted by Kinsta and they have a powerful platform that can handle ads...