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How to help you improve your WordPress website by choosing helpful plugins that can help your website run more efficiently. Plugin comparisons and recommendations.

How you can make money as a beauty blogger. Tips on how to make money with ads & affiliate links.

How to Make Money as a Beauty Blogger

So you want to be a beauty blogger?  I am very excited for you! The opportunities for beauty bloggers are endless.  There are lot of directions you can go as a...
How to have the best product page for your online store

Product Page Design Best Practices

When you're selling products online, it is important to have a great product page.  Here are 6 tips for what you want to include: 1. Ratings & Reviews: A recent study found...
7 ways you know your WordPress site was hacked & how you can prevent it

Is My WordPress Site Hacked? 7 Signs to Look For & Solutions

One of the most terrifying fears of anyone who runs a WordPress website or blog is that their WordPress site will get hacked.  And while you may fear it, you may...
two girls using laptop for WordPress plugins

What are Plugins in WordPress?

If you’re a WordPress beginner, then you may have heard about WordPress plugins. This may have led you to ask something like: What are plugins in WordPress? We’ll take a look at what exactly...

How to Add a Plugin to WordPress

Learn how to add a plugin to WordPress with this video tutorial! This will show you the simple steps for adding a new plugin to your WordPress website. You'll see how to add...
Best Cyber Monday Sale for blogs & small businesses

Best Cyber Monday Deals for Bloggers & Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner or blogger then I’m sure you would love to grow your business and gain customers & visitors to your website without having to spend...
wordpress non-technical guide - how to start a wordpress website

Getting Started with WordPress: A Non-Technical Guide for How to Start a WordPress Website

Are you looking to start a website? If you have a business, then running your own website lets you control how you get information about your business to your customers and...
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HostGator vs SiteGround WordPress Hosting Comparison

If you are looking for an affordable web host for your WordPress website, then chances are you have considered both the HostGator & SiteGround...