How you can use the WPforms Zapier integration to make your WordPress website & business even better

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We talk a lot about WPForms here at Website Tips & Tutorials.  And for good reason; if you have a WordPress website, you are going to want to use WPForms to create a form on your website.  It is by far the easiest way to create incredibly functional, professional-looking forms.  This can help you in all aspects of your business.  Whether you are trying to grow your e-mail contact list, respond to customer questions, get customer information when you make an online sale, etc., WPForms has you covered.  They’ve got templates for practically every scenario imaginable that you would need a form.  And again, you don’t need any coding skills in order to use WPForms.

So I probably don’t need to give you another reason to use WPForms.  But guess what.  I am.

WPForms has a great Zapier addon.  This allows you to connect your WordPress forms with over 2,000 different web apps.  You can integrate your WPForms with your favorite application or CRM.  The possibilities are tremendous.

But we’re going over 8 of our favorite ways you can use the WPForms Zapier addon.

1. Create Invoices on FreshBooks

Do you use FreshBooks?  FreshBooks is a great software all small businesses should use for account purposes, like managing receipts, invoices, tracking time, and sending invoices.  We talk about sending invoices through FreshBooks a little more here.

With the Zapier addon, you can automatically send information between FreshBooks and WPForms.  That will make creating invoices easier and save you time.

2. Add a Customer in QuickBooks

Another great online account software a lot of people use is QuickBooks.  If you use it, you may want to add customers into QuickBooks.  But you won’t have to waste time copying information getting your customers into your QuickBooks account after they fill out a form.  With the Zapier addon, information from your WPForms can automatically be sent to your QuickBooks.  This is an efficient and organized way to run your business!

3. Create a Lead in Salesforce

Do you use Salesforce?  Salesforce is a great customer relationship management software.

So let’s say you get a new lead through a form someone submitted to your website.  You’ll want that lead to be added to your Salesforce account, right?  Well, you won’t have to waste your time doing it yourself.  With the Zapier addon, your information can automatically be sent to Salesforce.  One less step for you, right?  This can be especially helpful as your business grows!

4. Create a Contact in HubSpot

Does your business use HubSpot?  It’s a great software that helps you with marketing, sales, and customer service.  And the Zapier addon can help you add contacts to your HubSpot!  Just like with Salesforce, if you get a contact through a WPForm, then it’s automatically sent to your HubSpot account!

5. Add a Google Contact

Another account you would want to send a new contact to would be your Google account.  Sending all the contact details of your new contact to your Google account means you can easily access them on different Google properties such as Google+, Gmail, Android, etc.  And when someone submits a WordPress form, it will be sent to your Google account via the WPForms Zapier addon.

6. Make a Task in Trello or Asana

Trello and Asana are two popular work management software that your business may use.  And if you do, you will very pleased to know that the Zapier addon with WPForms allows you to mask in Trello or Asana right from your WordPress forms!

7. Get a Slack Notification

Getting a Slack Notification for something important that happens on your WordPress website can be a wonderful thing for you as a business owner.  For example, you may want to know whenever someone fills out a contact form so you can get back to your customers as soon as possible.  And if you used WPForms to create that contact form, you can use the Zapier Addon so that you can get an automatic Slack notification whenever a contact form is filled out.  That is just one of the ways you can use the WPForms Zapier addon to get Slack Notifications for WordPress activity.

8. Send Text Messages using Twilio

So another way you can find out if a form was submitted to your WordPress would be for you to get a text message every time that happens.  That could a very convenient thing for you and a way for you to resolve any potential issue right away.

And you can do this by using the WPForms Zapier addon to connect your WordPress forms to Twilio.