Advice on why WPForms is the best online survey builder for websites and blogs

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Why WPForms is the Best Form Builder

WPForms is widely recognized as the best form builder for WordPress users.  But some of you may be wondering why.  So today I thought I would go over fifteen reasons why WPForms is the perfect WordPress plugin for building forms.  And you can get a great deal on WPForms if you click here.

1. Easy to Create Forms

So when you are creating a form, you don’t want it to be hard, right?  Which is exactly why WPForms is so great.  It is so easy to create a form using WPForms!  You can use their drag and drop form builder.  That means it’s as easy as I see something I like, I just drag it into my form!

The best part of this is that no coding is needed.  So you don’t need years of experience coding websites or a computer science degree to do this.

2. Form Templates

Another reason why WPForms makes it so easy for you to create forms is because of its templates.  They have templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.  You can find a template that fits what you are doing and start there.

Some of the templates include forms you may want to create like:

  • Contact Form
  • Job Application Form
  • Online Event Registration Form
  • Request A Quote Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Takeout Order Form
  • Video Release Form
  • Partnership Agreement Form
  • Employee Information Form
  • Suggestion Form
  • Time Sheet Form
  • Blog Post Submission Form
  • Work Order Request Form
  • Wedding Invitation RSVP Form
  • And much more!

3. Conditional Logic

But don’t think just because it’s easy to create forms that WPForms are too simple for what you want to do.  You can create really amazing forms with WPForms.  My favorite way to create an amazing form with WPForms is using conditional logic.

Conditional logic is great because it means a form can be customized for a customer based on what they already said.  For example, let’s say you have a form for a job application.  You ask the applicant if they have any previous job experience.  If they do, then the fields for the previous job experience will show up.  But if they have no previous experience, the user won’t see it and they will just see the next question on the form.

One of the really great parts of this is it can reduce how much a user sees of the form at a time.  Because let’s face it.  When you see a really long form, you might get intimated and leave.  But forms using conditional logic make sure users only have to see what it is needed.

4. Multi-Page Forms

So you know how I said people don’t like seeing long forms?  Well, another way WPForms gets around that is by giving you the option to have multi-page forms.  That way, users won’t become too overwhelmed when they start a form.  Once they realize it’s long, they already committed a lot of time to it already so they’ll probably keep going!

5. Mobile-Friendly

Gone are the days when people only access the internet through America Online on their desktop computers.  Now lots of people go online via their phones and tablets.  Because of this change, you are going to need to make a form that looks good and works on all screens.

But luckily, WPForms is 100% responsive.  So it should work on mobile, tablets, and desktop screens.

6. Spam Protection

A really annoying thing about having any sort of form on your website, such as a contact form, is getting spam.  It hurts your productivity and is just annoying when you open up your email box and see spam message after spam message.

And that’s yet another reason why WPForms is so great.  They give you multiple ways (CAPTCHA, Google reCAPTCHA, etc.) to stop spam form submissions.

7. File Uploads

WPForms also makes it easy for you to allow users to upload files when they submit a form.  Users can submit Word Documents, PDFs, images, videos, etc.  This is great depending on what form you are creating.  For example, if you are creating a job application form, it is great to be able to allow applicants to upload their resume.

8. Easy to Collect Payments

Sometimes, you need to collect payments as part of a form.  For example, maybe you are creating a registration form where a registration fee is due.  Maybe you are taking donations for a charity.  Whatever the reason, you want your form builder to be able to easily collect payments, too.

Well, you can easily collect payments with WPForms.  You can easily collect payments with PayPal, Stripe,, etc.

9. Signature Addon

Some forms need a signature.  For example, maybe you want someone to be able to fill out and sign a contract through your website.  Well, with WPForms’ Signature Addon, users can use add their signature and all they have to do is draw it with their mouse or touchscreen!  Once the form is submitted, the signature is saved as a PNG image and attached to the form entry.

10. Form Abandonment Addon

Have you ever wondered how many customers you lose when they don’t fill out the entire form?  But you don’t have to lose out entirely on these customers with WPForms’ Form Abandonment Addon.  This addon allows you to save partial entries even if the user never finished filling out the whole form.  Then you can follow up with the interested prospects!

11. Offline Forms Addon

Another reason some users on your website never finish their forms is if the user loses their internet connection.  But that’s not a problem anymore with WPForms’ Offline Forms Addon.  Users can save their entered data offline and then submit it when their internet connection is restored.

12. Zapier Addon

WPForms has a Zapier addon.  This means you can connect your WordPress forms with over 2,000 web applications.

There are so many possibilities with this.  This means the data that is collected from your forms could be used to:

  • Add a Google contact
  • Create a lead in Salesforce (we go over more about this here)
  • Add a customer in QuickBooks
  • Create an invoice in FreshBooks
  • And so much more!

13. Geolocation Addon

Want to learn more about the visitors on your website who submit a form?  Learning as much information as you can about visitors is a great way to see who visits your website.  It is an invaluable piece of information that can help you in your marketing strategy.

So it’s great that WPForms has a Geolocation Addon!  This means you can find out where visitors who submit contact forms on your website or blog are from!

14. User Journey Addon

Another thing I am sure you would love to learn about your users is what pages they visit on your website.  And you can do just that with the WPForms Journey Addon.  You get to see a step-by-step breakdown of the visitor’s path through your website, all the way up to their form submission.

15. Email Marketing Integration

Speaking of marketing, did you know that WPForms offers integration with top email marketing software?  Let’s say you do email marketing with AWeber or Constant Contact.  You can easily setup newsletter registration forms with WPForms to grow your email list.