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Search Engine Optimization techniques, tips & strategies.

How you can make money with your blog with using banner ads

How to Monetize a Blog without Ads

Now, you can probably tell from my website that I do like running banner ads.  This website is hosted by Kinsta and they have a powerful platform that can handle ads...
How to grow your mom blog & get more traffic

How to Grow Your Mom Blog: 10 Tips to Increase Traffic

I have blogged before about how a mom blog can be profitable, and it certainly can be, but what happens if you start a mommy blog and not enough people are...
Learn how you can get your website or blog ranked higher in Google. Learn the best SEO tools of 2019

How to Increase Your Google Ranking: Best SEO Tools for 2019

If you run a website or blog, then chances are you've spent time wondering how your website can rank higher in Google.  After all, the higher you rank in Google, the...
How to choose between VirtueMart and HikaShop for a Joomla ecommerce solution

Joomla Ecommerce: Virtuemart vs Hikashop

If you're setting up an E-Commerce store on a Joomla website, then you'll need a Joomla extension and two of those Ecommerce solutions you could be deciding between would be VirtueMart...
Help improve a slow WordPress website with these tips, from plugins you need to get, plugins you need to remove & what web host you should switch to

Speeding Up a WordPress Site: 20 Tips

Are you concerned your WordPress website is not fast enough? You are smart to be concerned by that, because statistics show that speed is important for a website - like, incredibly important. Consider...
How to convert your Drupal site into an AMP Friendly Mobile Version

AMP for Drupal Guide

If you have a Drupal site, are you looking to speed up the mobile version of your website?  Then AMP is the solution for you!  I'll go into that today. What is...
How to have the best product page for your online store

Product Page Design Best Practices

When you're selling products online, it is important to have a great product page.  Here are 6 tips for what you want to include: 1. Ratings & Reviews: A recent study found...
SEO tips: how to improve your rankings with grammar & spelling help

Could Bad Spelling & Grammar Hurt Your SEO?

When you run a blog or website, you’re constantly thinking about how to improve your ranking on search engines...and what could be keeping you from ranking higher.  So, among other questions...