Learn how to increase page views for your website or blog

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How to Increase Page Views

As website developers and bloggers, we are always wanting to increase page views.  The more people viewing our pages means the more people you can reach.  And that can mean increased affiliate sales or sale of products you sell.

But the question is, how do you increase your page views?  Today, we’ll go over some ways you can increase your page views.

1. Optimize Your Page

Try optimizing your page with proper SEO (or search engine optimization) methods.  If your page shows up higher in Google and other search engines, more people will see your page.  And with more clicks on your page, obviously page views will increase!  If you want some help improving your website’s SEO, check out these SEO tools.

2. Have an Email Newsletter

Another way to increase your page views is with an email newsletter.  Once people sign up for your email, they’ll be included in your email list.  And you can email your list to let them know about your latest blog entries or new events or products.  Getting returning website visitors is a great way to ensure each page of your website or blog has a lot of views.  You can get started with an email newsletter by getting a free trail with Constant Contact.

3. Include Internal Links

One way to get more people to look at specific pages on your website is to include internal links on other pages.  So let’s you had one page that does particularly well.  By including links to other pages, people who already come on your popular page could find out about your other pages and then click on these pages.  Sounds great, right?

The best way to do this, though, is organically and with related links.  It works great in a blog entry if the page you’re linking to is for a relevant topic.  Let’s say, for example, you have a fashion blog.  You have a specific blog post about skirts that does well.  You have another blog post about women’s blouses that you want to promote more.  In this case, you could mention at some point in the blog entry about blouses that would work well with the skirts.  And then you can link to the blog entry about blouses.  Because the subjects are related, this makes sense and seems less clunky than if, say, you randomly linked to a blog entry about car muffler products on a blog entry about skirts.

4. Show Featured Content

But let’s say you really want to link to a specific page on your website or blog but you can’t think of an organic way to do an internal link.  Another way to do that is to display featured content on your website.  If you use WordPress, you can do that with this plugin.

5. Make Pins for Specific Pages

Do you use Pinterest for your business or blog?  If not, then you should get started!  Pinterest is a wonderful way to get your content out to a new audience.  Pinterest has over 291 million monthly active users.  Pinterest is a social network but it also acts like a search engine.  Millions of people search for topics every day on Pinterest, and they may be looking for content like yours.  If you make a Pin for specific pages or blog entries, you could get a lot of new visitors to these pages and blogs.  For help getting started, check out our Pinterest for Business Guide.

6. Make Videos About Your Page

Another social network people search through for content is YouTube.  You could create a video marketing your page and put it on YouTube.  Then on YouTube, you could provide a link to the entire blog entry or page.  This could greatly increase page views.

If this sounds hard to you, don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be!  InVideo is a great tool to use for beginners who want to easily create videos.  And you should get now because they have a great sale going here.  We use InVideo all the time and love it.

Want an example of how to create a video that promotes your blog entry?  Check out this video:

It promotes this blog entry.

7. Promote Your Page with Twitter

Twitter is another great social network that can promote your content.  Just include great keywords and hashtags in your tweets so more people can find your content.

8. Promote Your Page with Instagram

Instagram is another tool to use for promoting your content.  You can create graphics about your content with a tool like this.  If you use Tailwind, they have 1-click hashtag suggestions so you can make sure you are using the best hashtags to promote your content.  Tailwind also allows you to schedule your posts in advance, which will save you a lot of time.  If you’re unsure how to use Instagram for your business, check out our tips for Instagram content.

9. Promote Your Page with Facebook

Facebook is another way to promote your page and get more page views.  Facebook is a great tool to use, especially if your posts can get a lot of shares.  Click here to find out tips on how to get your posts more shares.

10. Use Google Adwords

Tired of ranking lower than your competition on Google?  Want to be ranked higher on Google so more people will find your page or blog entry?  One way to do that is to pay for a Google ad.  Then you could literally get ahead of the competition.

You just have to use Google Ads efficiently in order to have the most success.  Using AdvertSuite is one way to help you discover the most profitable ways to use Google Adwords.

11. Use Bing Ads

If you’re not finding great results on Google ads, then you could consider using Bing ads.  I have actually had more success in making money with Bing ads.  Not as many people use Bing ads, so that means you get less competition for ads.  So you can pay less and get ranked higher in the search engine.  But enough people use Bing to make it worth your while.  I’ve also been able to make a sale when I run a Bing ad campaign, and I cannot say the same when it comes to Google ads.

And now is the perfect time to get started with Bing Ads.  You can currently get $100 in advertising if you spend $25.  Just click here to get started.

12. Have a Good Menu

And finally, the last advice I have for you is to have a good menu on your website or blog.  Make it easy for website visitors to get around your website and find what they want.  One thing that could be stopping certain pages from getting more hits could be a hard to use menu.  If you use WordPress, UberMenu could be a good plugin to get to help that problem.