Top 35 Family Lightroom Presets

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Are you a parenting blogger or influencer? Or do you run a business that markets to families?

I’m sure you’d love to share great looking family photos on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels, as well as on your blog or website.

And of course, whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, I’m also sure you’d love all of your family photos to look as great as possible!

An easy way to improve your family photos is by using Lightroom presets. With Lightroom presets, you can adjust the coloring with one click. That way, you can quickly brighten your photos, add clarity or vibrancy, lighten or darken, create a nostalgic look, etc.

At Website Tips & Tutorials, we’ve put together a list of the 35 best family photography presets for Lightroom. These presets come in mobile and/or desktop formats.

Take a look through these family Lightroom presets. And find the preset or presets that work the best for your photos and projects!

35 Best Presets for Family Photography

  1. Natural Outdoor Lightroom Family Portrait Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  2. 50 Desktop Lightroom Presets for Child & Family Photographers
  3. Mommy Blogger – 25 Lightroom Presets for Desktop & Mobile
  4. 10 Family Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets for Outdoor Photography
  5. Perfect Family Portraits Lightroom Presets
  6. 5 Rose Gold Family LR Mobile and Desktop Presets
  7. Father’s Day – 5 Family Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets (Vintage, Soft, Clean, Pop & Bright)
  8. 5 Family Indoor Lightroom Presets (Desktop & Mobile)
  9. Motherhood – 20 Clean Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets
  10. Family Christmas – 12 Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets
  11. Perfect Family – 8 Presets for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop and 5 Tools for Lightroom Desktop
  12. Family & Kids – 10 LR Desktop & Lightroom Presets
  13. Family Time – 9 Lightroom Desktop Presets
  14. Mother – 5 Warm Pink Mobile Presets
  15. Family Home – 3 Presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile
  16. Portrait Magic – 8 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets for Families & Couples
  17. Happy Family – 15 Warm Desktop & Mobile Presets for Lightroom
  18. Family Touch – 12 Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Presets
  19. Mommy and Me – 10 Neutral Mobile Presets
  20. Family & Children – 30 Desktop Lightroom Presets
  21. Essential Family – 22 Pro Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  22. Mother’s Day – 20 Light & Airy Lightroom Presets for Desktop and Mobile
  23. Family Bright – 60 Dreamy Desktop Lightroom Presets
  24. Pure Family – 13 Lightroom Desktop Presets
  25. Mommy – 8 Beige Mobile Lightroom Presets
  26. Timeless – Creative and Natural Outdoor Family Lightroom Preset Collection (7 Mobile Presets and 9 Desktop Presets)
  27. Family – 5 Bright Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  28. Baby Love – 20 Desktop & Mobile Presets for Mom Bloggers
  29. Mom – 10 Premium Presets for Mobile & Desktop Lightroom
  30. Professional Family Portrait Presets – 4 Lightroom Filters for Mobile & Desktop
  31. Family Portrait Preset for Desktop & Mobile Lightroom
  32. Mommy’s – 3 Warm Lightroom Presets
  33. People and Emotions Family Preset for the Lightroom Mobile App
  34. With Family – 12 Moody & Stylish Lightroom Presets for Desktop and Mobile
  35. Family – 3 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Additional Resources for Family Photographers

Would you like some additional help with your family photos? Then take a look at the following options.

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