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How to use YouTube, tips for creating a fantastic YouTube account, and how to promote your online business with YouTube.

How to decide between SmarterQueue & HootSuite for social media schedulers. Great tips for business owners, bloggers, social media managers

SmarterQueue vs Hootsuite Scheduler Comparison

Looking for a social media scheduler? Want to see how SmarterQueue and Hootsuite compare? Both are great options for being able to schedule social media posts in advance.  This means you don’t...
Realtors can increase sale and beat the competition by utilizing social media better. Here are great tips realtors should use for their Social Media Presence.

Social Media Tips for Realtors

Real estate can be a competitive business and if you are a realtor then I am sure you're always trying to figure out how to get an edge in the realty...
How you can make money as a beauty blogger. Tips on how to make money with ads & affiliate links.

How to Make Money as a Beauty Blogger

So you want to be a beauty blogger?  I am very excited for you! The opportunities for beauty bloggers are endless.  There are lot of directions you can go as a...
how to start a profitable fashion blog & vlog

How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money: 10 Step Plan

If you love fashion and you love to talk about fashion, give fashion advice, etc. then becoming a fashion blogger would be a great choice for you.  Not only will you...
Cheap cameras for vlogging

Vlogging Camera Cheap: Top 20 Cheapest Options

So you want a camera that’s ideal for blogging but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well, luckily there are options for that. Here are 10 cameras specifically for vlogging...
Save money on marketing with cheap video editing software deals

Cheap Video Editing Software Deals

Video marketing is a big part of any business these days.  People like to see your product before they buy your product, so having videos showing your product is good no...
Why you should get a dropbox app for your iphone

Dropbox App Iphone

Do you have the dropbox app for iphone?  If not, I think you should get it. I’ve found it by the far to be the easiest, most reliant way to store...
The benfits of video marketing and making a youtube channel for your business

Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

When you’re trying to get the word out about your business, have you considered using videos?  If you haven’t, then you really should. You could be missing out on so many...