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Step by step guide and helpful advice for websites using WordPress.

Different ways you can make money travel blogging

How to Make Money with a Travel Blog

Want to live the dream and make money while traveling?  You can do just that with a travel blog!  If you don't have one, then I recommend getting started on WordPress. ...
Use this WooCommece Pinterest plugin to get automatic pins from your products

The Best Pinterest WooCommerce Plugin

If you run a WooCommerce online store, then I'm sure you're always trying to think of ways to increase your customer base.  You'd love to reach new people and make more...
Why WP Mail SMTP by WPForms is the best SMTP plugin for WordPress

What is the Best SMTP Plugin for WordPress?

The Best SMTP Plugin for WordPress Do you have a WordPress website?  Do you send out emails?  Then you should get a SMPT Plugin. SMTP, otherwise known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is...
SiteGround vs. Flywheel: which web host would you choose for WordPress websites

Flywheel vs SiteGround: WordPress Hosting Comparison

Are you looking for a good web host for your WordPress website?  Perhaps you are starting a new WordPress website.  Or maybe your website has outgrown your host and you are...
Find out what the best WordPress plugin for creating a donation form is

How You Can Easily Create a WordPress Donation Form

Are you looking to take donations on your WordPress website?  There are a lot of reasons why you would want to do this.  Perhaps you run a non-profit organization that relies...
WordPress plugin WPLegal Pages for terms, conditions, privacy policy, cookies, age consent, etc.

How to Use a Legal Pages Generator for WordPress

If you run a website or blog, you're going to need to protect yourself legally.  Even if your business is just you, it doesn't matter.  There are a lot of policies...
Find out ways you can reduce the bounce rate on your website and make more sales

10 Tricks to Reduce Bounce Rate

How To Reduce Your Bounce Rate Bounce Rate In order to determine how to reduce your bounce rate - or to know why you need to reduce your bounce rate - you must...
Guide & tutorial for JoomUnited's WP Media Folder add on where you can integrate Amazon S3 with your WordPress

WordPress Amazon S3 Guide: How to Connect Your Site to S3

WordPress Amazon S3 Guide Today we're going to go over the following things: Why it's a good idea to store your media library on Amazon S3 How to connect Amazon S3 to your WordPress...
The one plugin that can solve your email deliverability issue on your WordPress website

WordPress Not Sending Emails? Here’s How to Fix That!

WordPress Not Sending Emails? Have you ever had trouble with your WordPress site not sending emails?  This is obviously a huge issue.  It could be absolutely devastating to anyone with a small...
Why ecommerce sites should offer coupons & promo codes & how you can easily do it

The Benefits of Coupons for Businesses

Should You Offer Coupons? If you run a eCommerce store or online business, then you're probably always trying to think of new ways to increase your profits.  One thing you may have...