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Do you have a WordPress website or blog?  Then you need to attend WPEngine’s WordPress Developer Virtual Conference!  It is the perfect way to improve your skills in a very safe way – which is so important these days!

It takes place on March 4, 2021.  There are a lot of great topics covered, so let’s get right into it!


There are some great keynote sessions given that will teach you a lot.

Why Headless WordPress is the Future of Digital Experiences

Decoupled architecture is a great way to get your customers a really fast WordPress experience.  Learn about the different choices you can make when choosing Headless WordPress:

  • Do you render pages statically or dynamically?
  • Which front-end frameworks to use (React, Angular, or Vue)
  • Which framework to use on top of that framework (like Next.js or Frontity)

Decluttering Your Site Structure

The CEO of Yoast tells you about site structure optimizations you can do that can help ensure Google and other search engines will notice your website.  You’ll also learn how improving your website’s internal linking will help you rank higher than your competition.

Five Things That Made Me A Better WordPress Developer

Learn top secrets from the co-founder of WordPress on five things that made him a better developer.

Different Tracks

There are different tracks you can take after the keynote sessions.  You can choose your track based on where you are in your WordPress journey.  Each track has different sessions.

Track 1: Set Up

Building Faster Locally with Local

A Local Community Manager tells you about existing add-ons that can improve your development workflow.  This session includes a deep dive into extending Local by creating your own Add-on.

Navigating The Risks to Reap The Rewards of Headless WordPress

Learn about smart risks that give you huge rewards from WordPress experts.

Analytics Configuration Strategies for WordPress Sites

Get a walk-through of the basic setup for Google Analytics in WordPress.  You’ll also how to configure eCommerce and form tracking.  And you’ll learn a lot of great tips on using analytics to your advantage.

Track 2: Build

The Fast Track to Mastering Modern WordPress

The future of Modern WordPress is Blocks + Full Site Editing.  So in this session, you’ll learn what Full Site Editing is & how to use it to your advantage.  You will also get shown how to create a custom block or two.

Usability Testing for Developers

In this session, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of a usability test that you can try yourself.

Getting Started with Headless (Without Losing Your Mind)

The head of Developer Relations at WP Engine will walk you through building a headless website that supports post previews.  He’ll use their new Open Source framework for headless.

Track 3: Launch

How to Best Leverage CI/CD for Your Team

This session is all about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, aka CI/CD!  You’ll learn about what options are available, the benefits, what cases are best suited for specific tools, and why there is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to CI/CD.

How to Ensure You’re Launching the Most Secure Website

Learn tips from a Cloudflare security & WAF expert.  You can use them to make sure you’re launching the most secure website while at the same maintaining the performance standards your customers have come to expect.

How to Use Amazon Personalize with Your WooCommerce Site in a Few Clicks

This is a great walkthrough of a new plugin that was co-developed by Amazon & WP Engine.  This plugin leverages machine learning to help deliver more personalized experiences to your sites.   In this session, you’ll learn how to train and test your recommendations safely in a local development environment.

Track 4: Optimize

Growing Your Business Quickly & Predictably with Growth Suite

Learn how to be doing the work you want to be doing for your business by using Growth Suite for your busy work.

Optimizing WordPress eCommerce for Performance & Growth

If you use WooCommerce, then this is the perfect session for you!  You’ll learn a lot of eCommerce performance optimizations that can help your website.  You can also learn common WooCommerce mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

Technical SEO for Developers

This is a great technical discussion of SEO for WordPress developers

Ask The Experts

You’ll also get an opportunity to ask experts your questions!  This has been one of my favorite parts of WordPress conferences I have gone to, especially if I had something that was stumping me!

How to Sign Up

So how do you sign up?  Click here to get started.