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Yahoo Small Business

If you have a small business, then you need a website.  Even if you are not going to sell anything on your website, you need a website out there for advertising.  You want to make sure anyone who looks for a business like yours finds your business.  And a great website can do that.

But there are a lot of things needed if you are going to have a website.  You need a website host and domain.  You need your website to be designed.  Depending on your business, you may need an online store.  You need email to communicate to customers or other business contacts.  You may also want extra help in making sure your website shows up high in search engines like Google.

Does all that seem overwhelming?  Don’t worry.  It sure doesn’t have to be.  One of the simplest ways to do that is with Yahoo Small Business.  They offer a lot of services like what I just went over.  And they do it at rates affordable for small businesses.  We’ll go over all the services they offer and how you can get a promo code to help you save money.


Want to create a website for your business but have no experience creating websites?  You can do that with Yahoo with no coding required.  You can select a design, customize it to get how you want, and publish it.

Web Design

Yahoo Small Business makes it easier for you to create a website without any experience.  But you may still want someone to design your website.  Especially if want specific things on your website and the templates offered do not provide that for you.  Yahoo Small Business also offers web design services.


You can then use Yahoo to host your website.  Now what do I mean by host?  Well, if you have a website, you need someone to put and keep your website online.  Think of it like if you had a physical store.  You would need to pay rent, right?  Well, paying for a host is like paying for rent.  And Yahoo offers these services at affordable rates.


Similarly, you need a domain.  A domain is like a physical address.  Our domain is “”.  You’re going to want a domain similar to your website; we go over how to pick a domain here.  You can get a domain through Yahoo Small Business.

Online Store

Want to sell products online?  Yahoo Small Business can help you do that.  You can choose from a predesigned store template.  Or you can work with one of their developers to design it for you.


Yahoo Business Services also offers emails services.  You can get a professional email address with Yahoo.  They also give you extra features like 1 TB of free storage, analytics, etc.


LocalWorks is a great service offered by Yahoo for any business with a local presence.  They will keep information like hours of operations, phone number, address, etc.  They share those listing with over 70 listings, search engines, maps, etc.  You can also use the dashboard to see any review written about you and you can then respond.

Promo Code

Looking for a promotional code for any of the services offered by Yahoo Small Business?  Well, you are in luck!  There is a great promotional rate right now.

If you are interested in Yahoo Web design, then click here.  Use the promo code “HOLIDAYJOY”.  This coupon code can save you $250 on web design services!  It is valid from 12/2 to 1/11/2020.