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Are you looking to build a website but have you no experience doing so?  Weebly is a wonderful way to easily do just that!  They have a website builder that is very easy to use.  You can do it without any experience.  I started building websites with Weebly years ago and it was much easier than building websites other ways.  You don’t have to use any coding.  And the website will look incredibly professional.  You pick a design and then customize it the way you want.  And Weebly offers chat, phone and email support to help you along the way.


Here are some of the features that make building a website with Weebly so great:

  • Drag & drop builder so you can create your website without coding
  • Custom fonts so you can show you can show your own or your brand’s unique style
  • Image editor to help you create professional photos
  • Video background options
  • A great site search option to help customers find what they need on your website
  • Great video & audio so you can display your videos
  • Integrated analytics
  • Mobile app so you can track your website from anywhere

But there are other great features, too.


You can also add a blog on to your website.  And with Weebly, you can easily create beautiful posts, manage comments, and schedule future content.


In addition to create your website, Weebly will host your website, too.  You can also get one-click SSL certificates (this help keeps your website safe).  And you can get your domain through Weebly, too.

Digital Marketing

Weebly also helps you with marketing.  This includes:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO Tools
  • Google AdWords credit

Online Store

And with Weebly, you can build more than just a website.  You can also easily build a store.  And Weebly has great tools to help you have a successful online store.

Some of these include:

  • Product Search Functionality
  • Coupons
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Reviews
  • Ability to accept payments like Stripe, Square or PayPal

But there are other great features for online stores, too.


Weebly’s shipping tool really helps online store owners.  You’ll be able to get real-time shipping rates dynamically by carrier, weight, address, and quantity.  Weebly helps you with any domestic or international shipping.


Weebly also helps you manage your inventory.  They have advanced inventory management tools like bulk import & export.

Email Marketing

Weebly helps you with email marketing, too.  They have templates to help you create different emails, including welcome emails if someone signs up for your website or abandoned cart emails.

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