The one Joomla extension every Joomla web designer needs to add to their website

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Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is important to anyone who runs a blog or website.  SEO is optimizing your website so that does it ranks high in search engines like Google.  The higher you rank, the more traffic you get, so SEO is really important.

So since it is so important, today we’re going to give some SEO advice to anyone with a Joomla website.  We’ll go over whether or not we should add a Joomla SEO Extension, how many you should add, which is the best one, and what other tools you can use to help you with SEO.

Should I Add a Joomla SEO Extension?

In a word, yes.  Adding a Joomla SEO Extension is a great way to make sure your website or blog entries are optimized to its best potential so that you’re not losing out to competitors because you don’t rank high enough in Google and the other search engines.

How many Joomla SEO Extensions Should You Add?

Ideally, when it comes to adding Joomla SEO extensions, you should only be adding one.  Adding too many extensions to your Joomla site can be problematic.  For starters, the more extensions you have, the more it can slow down your website – and ironically, that will hurt your website’s ranking in Google because one of the factors that determines where your website ranks in search engines is speed (the faster the website, the higher up it ranks).  Additionally, all Joomla extensions have to be updated periodically for security reasons, and when they do get updated, they can sometimes “break your website”.  That means that when people go on your website they could get an error or it could not work properly.  Obviously, this is less than ideal, and for that reason, I think you should just stick with one Joomla SEO Extension.  The less you have, the smaller the odds are for problems.

So what is the best Joomla SEO Extension?

Our pick for the best Joomla SEO extension is RSSEO.  Here are some of the great features of RSSEO that makes it the best:

  1. You can index your website’s pages through the site crawler feature – having a properly indexed site is very important in SEO.
  2. You can easily control the metadata of each indexed page from both the frontend & the backend.
  3. With the Joomla SEO extension, you can monitor your keywords position in Google.  You can set daily, weekly, or monthly cron jobs to check your ranking.  Additionally, you can add your competitors and then run scans for you and your competitor’s Domain Authority, Page Authority and MOZ Rank so you can compare them (These are ranking determined by Moz, one of the most respected SEO software companies in the business).
  4. Remember how I mentioned earlier that speed can affect your ranking in Google?  With RSSEO, you can compress the loaded Javascript, CSS files & HTML output – basically, these are things that will make your website run faster, which will help you rank higher.
  5. You can create custom SEO reports which can help you track how you are doing.
  6. You can integrate it with Google Analytics if you already use Google Analytics or want to use Google Analytics.
  7. It will automatically add ALT & Title tags to your images, and using keywords in your Keyword and Title tags can help you rank higher in Google, Bing, etc.
  8. RSSSEO better handles your error pages by setting redirects or creating custom pages.
  9. And much more!

Are there any other tools I can use for SEO?

Yes, there are non-extension tools you can use to help you with SEO; we outline our pick for the best SEO tools here.