Why WPForms is the best plugin for creating a MailChimp WordPress signup form

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Email marketing is a great way to grow your business.  It allows you to get important information out to customers or potential customers.  This could include a new blog entry, video, a sale, a new product, etc.  Whatever your business or blog is, you could benefit from having a newsletter.

MailChimp is a great choice for providing you with email newsletter services.  I’ve used MailChimp for more than one of my businesses.  They make it easy for you to create newsletters.

So let’s say you have a WordPress website and you want to use MailChimp.  The question is, how can you easily create a MailChimp signup form in WordPress?

Luckily, that answer is easy: with WPForms!


WPForms is the best choice when it comes to plugins in WordPress for creating forms.  They make it really easy to create incredibly professional forms.  They also have tons of templates for forms so you don’t have to start from scratch whenever you need to create a form.  WPForms saves you a lot of time without you having to scrimp on quality.  WPForms also comes with a lot of integrations so you can easily use WPForms with other applications.  WPForms makes it possible for anyone to create a great form, whether they have a computer science or technical background or not.

So it should come as no surprise that WPForms works great with MailChimp!  It really is the best choice.  If you don’t already have WPForms, you can click here to get it.

Once you have WPForms and have installed and activated it, you can get started with creating MailChimp WordPress sigup form with WPForms.  The steps are pretty straight-forward and intuitive.  

Creating a MailChimp Signup Form: Steps

  1. Go to WPForms » Addons.

    This is where you’ll find the Mailchimp Addon.

  2. Install & activate the Mailchimp Addon.

  3. Go to WPForms » Add New and create a new form.

    You’ll end up on a setup screen

  4. Name your form.

  5. Choose the Newsletter Signup Form template.

    WPForms then creates a newsletter signup form.

  6. Customize the newsletter signup form to make it look like whatever you want.

    You can do this by dragging additional fields from the left-hand panel to the right-hand panel. You can also click on a form field and drag it if you want to change the order of what goes on the form. Or you can just click on a form field and change it to whatever you want.

  7. Go to Marketing » MailChimp.

    This is where you connect your form to MailChimp.

  8. Click Add New Connection.

  9. After a box pops up asking you to name the connection, give it a name

  10. Add your MailChimp API Key.

    You can find this by logging into your MailChimp account.

  11. Select your Mailchimp Account & pick the email list you’d like people to be added to when they subscribe.

  12. Click on the Email Address dropdown as well as any other form fields you want added to your Mailchimp account whenever someone subscribes.

    You can enable the conditional logic or the double optin option if you want

  13. Create a new post or page in WordPress and & click on the Add Form button.

  14. Select your subscribe form from the dropdown menu & click on the Add Form.

  15. Publish your post or page

    Now your Mailchimp subscribe form will appear on your website!

You can also configure your subscribe form notifications and/or your subscribe form confirmations if you would like.


WPForms helps you create a great MailChimp signup form. Their templates make it really easy for you to create a signup form with everything you need. They’ve seriously thought of everything you might forget. Like they help you create a GDPR compliant form by including a GDPR Agreement field.

So if you are looking to create a MailChimp signup form, you should definitely use WPForms. Click here to get started.