Why you should get Liquid Web managed wordpress hosting compressing plugin updates etc.

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If you run a WordPress website, then you’re going to want to have a host that helps you out, which is probably why you’ve considered using Managed WordPress hosting.  Managed WordPress hosts help you out so that you can focus more on your website. But there are many managed WordPress hosts that you can consider.

But if you’ve never considered Liquid Web for your Managed WordPress host, then you probably should, because Liquid Web is consistently beating its competitors in many aspects of Managed WordPress hosting.  Choosing Liquid Web can really help your website flourish, and in turn, you’ll be able to make a lot more money – no matter what you use your website for! Here are 5 ways Liquid Web is beating its customers:

  1. Plugin Updates: Keeping your plugins updated is very important if you run a WordPress website because if you don’t update your plugins, your website becomes vulnerable to being hacked (which obviously you don’t want).  Additionally, updated plugins can often offer new features that could make your website better. But you won’t have to worry about updating plugins if you switch to Liquid Web because they will update your plugins for you!  And while you may find other hosts who will do this, Liquid Web actually takes it a step further; they will update your plugins in a separate environment and then they will make sure there are no conflicts. Only then will they update your production site.  This is hugely important, because the last thing you want is to to find out your host updated your plugins and there was a conflict and your website’s been down for a day until you noticed.
  2. They compress your images: If you have a lot of images on your website (and you really should – pictures are really important in influencing customers in making a purchase decision), then you may have noticed that these images slow down your website.  You can compress the images yourself, but this does take time. You can also get a plugin, but you want to limit your plugins so an even better option can be your web host doing it for you! And that’s what you get with Liquid Web – the images are compressed for you!
  3. No overage fees: Whether it’s your web host, your cell phone company, whatever – no one likes getting overages since it can make it hard to budget your monthly expenses.  That is why it’s awesome that Liquid Web does not charge you overage fees.
  4. No traffic limits: And there’s no need for overages since Liquid Web has no traffic limits!  If you switch to Liquid Web, then you can celebrate if your post goes viral rather than worrying about getting charged overages or your website going down.
  5. No metered pageviews: In addition to not having to worry about overall traffic to your website, you won’t have to worry about your page views getting so high that your website will crash or you get charged overages because Liquid Web does not charge extra for metered pageviews.

And now is a great time to switch to Liquid Web – if you click through our link and use the promo code “FASTMWP50” you can save 50% for the first 2 months!

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If you run a WordPress website, then you may have considered using Managed WordPress hosting so you can spend more time on the content of your website & less on maintenance. When choosing a Managed WordPress host, consider Liquid Web, which beats it competitors in a lot of ways: they update plugins for you in a separate environment & make sure there are no conflicts before updating your production site, your images are compressed for you to increase speed, no overages...