Romantic Lightroom Presets for Valentine's Day Mobile and Desktop

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Would you like to make your social media posts and photos look perfect for Valentine’s Day – with just one click?

That’s the beauty of using a Valentine’s Day Lightroom preset!

Lightroom Presets

A Lightroom preset is kind of like an Instagram filter, except that you can use it on all your photography and posts (not just with Instagram). You can add a certain look or style to your photos with a simple click.

You’ll need to use Lightroom, but there are a couple of options:

I’ve found both options work well, so it’s a matter of preference (would you rather use an app or a desktop/laptop computer for photo editing?) as well as of course price.

Valentine’s Day Lightroom Presets

By using presets that are ideal for Valentine’s Day, you can add a special, romantic look to your photos. This is perfect for social media posts (like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter) as well as images in your blog posts.

Each preset adds a special something – whether it’s bringing out the pinks in the photo, making the reds pop, adding soft tones, creating an airy, romantic look or more.

For example, in the image at the top of this page, the Leemax preset (which is part of this Pink Lightroom Preset Pack) gives the photo a lovely pastel pink tone.

On our list of the 25 best Lightroom presets for Valentine’s Day, we’ve found the presets that will best make your Valentine’s Day graphics look amazing. They are either specifically designed just for Valentine’s Day or have a strong love/romantic theme that works beautifully for this sweet holiday.

Some of the presets are for mobile only, some are for desktop only, and some come in both versions. Since you can’t use a desktop preset on the app (and vice versa), make sure to find a preset that works with the version of Lightroom you’ll be using.

Top 25 Valentine’s Day Presets

  1. Valentine Mobile Lightroom Preset – This beautiful mobile preset really makes your reds pop.
  2. Insta Love Lightroom Mobile Preset – You’ll love this beautiful mobile Lightroom preset! It was designed for Instagramers, bloggers, photographers and travelers.
  3. Romantic Mobile Lightroom Presets – This pack of 5 mobile presets includes Original, Cool Tones, Bright & Airy, Warm and Moody style.
  4. Valentine Love Lightroom Mobile Preset – Enhance reds with this bright Lightroom preset for mobile, excellent for bloggers and influencers.
  5. Pink Lightroom Presets – Give your photos a feminine, pink look with warm pastel tones. This pack includes 14 different pink presets: Westview, Seaforth, Laval, Hart, Denton, Cameron, Bosworth, Appian, Brookmere, Charland, Hachey, Ivy, Leemax & Tipton.
  6. Amour Lightroom Mobile Preset – This Lightroom preset for mobile will add a professional, beautiful uniform style to your photos.
  7. Red Valentines Mobile Lightroom Preset – Bring out vibrant ruby red color tones with this mobile preset. It’s a great option for fashion photographers and bloggers, travel bloggers, Instagram influencers and social media models.
  8. Much Love Lightroom Preset – Add a lovely red faded tone with this Lightroom preset (both mobile and desktop versions included).
  9. Romeo Lightroom Desktop Presets – This is a set of 3 gorgeous Lightroom presets for desktop. It’s an easy way to make your photos brighter and the reds stand out more.
  10. Valentine Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack – This pack of 3 presets (for mobile only) will give your photos a bright, soft and modern look.
  11. Mon Amour Lightroom Mobile Preset – This preset, specifically for use in the Lightroom Mobile app, is ideal for outdoors photography in natural light. With this preset, you can enhance reds and add rich, romantic tones to your photos.
  12. Soft and Romantic Lightroom Mobile Presets – With this pack of 5 mobile Lightroom presets, add subtle rosy and peachy tones to create a romantic, airy look. Fashion, travel and lifestyle bloggers will definitely benefit from using these presets.
  13. Valentine Lightroom Mobile Preset – Make your photos stand out with this lovely mobile preset – designed with lifestyle bloggers and Instagrammers in mind.
  14. Sweetheart Instagram Theme Lightroom Presets – If you’re looking to create a cohesive Instagram theme – or a cohesive look for a series of Valentine’s posts, images, etc on your blog or on social media – then this is a great preset pack for you! You’ll get 10 different Lightroom presets for desktop. They are designed to enhance pinks, purples and blues as well as add beautiful pastel tones.
  15. Red Velvet Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – Looking to bring out more vibrant reds in your Valentine photos? You’ll love these 2 Lightroom presets (and both are available in desktop and mobile versions).
  16. Fall In Love Desktop Lightroom Presets – This pack of bright desktop presets includes 25 different presets.
  17. Sweet Valentine Mobile Lightroom Presets – Easily add soft, warm golden tones to your photos for a romantic look with these 8 mobile presets.
  18. Couple in Love Lightroom Mobile Presets – These 4 beautiful presets (for mobile only) work well with couples photos.
  19. Devotion Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Preset – Your photos will look fabulous with a vibrant red and white look with this Lightroom preset pack. Includes regular and dark versions for both mobile and desktop.
  20. Be My Valentine Deluxe Mobile Presets – With this set of 7 mobile Lightroom presets, you can really make your Valentine’s images pop.
  21. Love Story Lightroom Desktop Presets – If you want a lot of options, consider this Lightroom preset pack. It includes 50 different Lightroom presets! Please note that they are all for desktop only. Ideal for Valentine’s Day photos, couples photos and outdoor photos.
  22. Rosy Pop Mobile Lightroom Preset – With this stunning mobile preset, you can add soft and bright tones to your Valentine’s Day posts.
  23. My Valentine Lightroom Mobile Presets – You get 4 bright and beautiful presets in this mobile-only pack.
  24. Red by Kiss Lightroom Presets – This pack includes 3 stylish presets in both mobile and desktop format. You also get one free preset included with the preset pack.
  25. Romantic Paris Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – What could be more romantic than Paris, right? Add a romantic, stylish look to your photos with this preset, ideal for bloggers, photographers and influencers. Available for desktop and mobile.

More Help with Your Posts

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