best Valentine's Day fonts for bloggers, social media managers, influencers

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Are you a blogger, business owner, social media manager or influencer?

Do you post on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc)?

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so now is the perfect time to start creating and scheduling Valentine’s Day related posts!

And a great way to make sure your Valentine’s Day social media posts are perfect is by using amazing Valentine’s Day fonts!

We’ve put together a list of the best Valentine’s Day fonts. You can install these fonts on your computer so that you can use them in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc. You can also upload them to Canva, Stencil, Crello and other design tools (though you may need a pro version to do this).

Now, if you’ve never installed a font on your desktop or laptop before, it might sound confusing or difficult. Don’t worry – it’s actually quick and easy! Check out the video just below the list of best fonts to find out how.

And speaking of that list, here it is – the top fonts for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Valentine Kisses Font Duo – These fonts will work with all of your Valentine’s Day posts! You’ll get the Valentine font, alternate Valentine font version with a heart flourish attached to each letter, the Kisses font, and the alternate Kisses font with hearts included. The Valentine and Kisses font are great when paired together as well as when used separately.
  2. Totes Adorbs – Are you looking for a youthful, playful Valentine’s font? Then Totes Adorbs is perfect for you! Many of the letters include adorable hearts.
  3. Lovebirds Font – This happy font has adorable heart accents.
  4. Girlfriend Script Font – This cute script font was designed specifically for Valentine’s Day and weddings!
  5. Valentine’s Day Font – This is a pretty, ornated font with a Valentine’s Day theme.
  6. Love Story Font – The soft and sweet font is ideal for short texts and big sizes.
  7. Be Mine Font – With this font, you get a solid version and an outline version, and both have cute hearts on the tops of the letters.
  8. Hi Valentine Font – A fun handwritten font, the Hi Valentine font includes heart and dot accents.
  9. Cloud Nine Font – Heart cutouts make this adorable font stand out!
  10. Lovey Font – You get two versions of this all-caps font: a solid version and one with hearts on the characters.
  11. Cupid Arrow Font – Perfectly fitting a Valentine’s Day theme, the letters of this decorative font have been hit by Cupid’s arrow.
  12. Lovebeat Font – In keeping with its heartbeat theme, the letters are accompanied by little hearts.
  13. Love & Stuff Font – A beautiful script font perfect for all things love.
  14. Auttie Font – This fancy calligraphy font comes with the options of heart swashes on every lowercase letter.
  15. Be Mine Heart Font – With this sweet font, each letter (upper and lowercase) is placed inside a heart.
  16. Lovable Font – This fancy font includes heart embellishments.
  17. Love Letters – This cute font has dot accents and a heart for an “o”.
  18. Big Sweetie Font – This fun polka-dot-and-heart-filled font has a hollowed out version and a more solid version.
  19. Love Fever Heart Font – With Love Fever, you actually get 6 different versions of this heart font. You’ll be sure to find a variation that fits all of your Valentine’s Day projects.
  20. Valentine’s Font Bundle + Extras – Enjoy even more options with this bundle of 9 different, distinct fonts. As a bonus, you’ll also get 32 graphics that incorporate a heart.

Are you looking for an especially great deal? Then consider this Valentine Font Bundle, which includes 4 of the font options on our list – Valentine Kisses, Girlfriend, Cupid & Love Letters.

And if you need a little help with installing your new fonts, this video will show you how: