wedding photos before and after with desktop lightroom preset

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Do you run a wedding blog?  Do you run an online business that sells wedding products?  Are you a social media manager with a client specializing in weddings?  Are you in the wedding business?  Are you constantly creating graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that are wedding themed?

For all these scenarios and more, you would benefit from getting these wedding presets!

Presets – or, specifically, Lightroom presets – are an extremely easy way to change the appearance of your photos (such as brightening them, adding warmer tones, etc). Once you install your presets, you can literally edit your photos with one click! And installing presets aren’t hard. We’ve included a few videos at the bottom to show you how.

The wedding presets on our list are the best ones for professional, beautiful wedding photos that are sure to impress. Check out these presets and find the ones that best fit your branding (or a particular wedding).

Please note – if you only have the free Lightroom Mobile app, or if you’d rather only use your desktop/laptop, make sure you’re purchasing a preset pack that includes what you want. Simply check the item details to see what your purchase will include.

  1. Rustic Wedding Lightroom Presets – These bestselling Lightroom presets add a warm and cozy feel to your wedding photos. You get 16 presets for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC as well as 16 mobile presets for iPhone and Android.
  2. 300 Wedding Lightroom Presets – If you are looking for a huge selection of wedding presets, then this is the pack for you! You’ll get access to 300 bestselling, beautiful presets. Note that these presets are for the desktop version of Lightroom only (not mobile).
  3. Boho Wedding Lightroom Presets – Add a gorgeous, airy feel to your wedding photos with these Lightroom presets (for mobile and Photoshop CC).
  4. Kodak Wedding Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets – This preset pack (16 desktop and 16 mobile) is a wonderful way to brighten up your darker wedding photos.
  5. Green Wedding Lightroom Presets – This is an excellent way to create different tints of green in your wedding photos. These presets are an especially good option if you have a lot of green in your setting (such as an outdoors wedding). The pack includes presets for Lightroom Mobile and desktop.
  6. Wedding Day Desktop Presets – This Lightroom desktop preset pack includes 5 different presets: Wedding Day, Wedding Day Ceremony, Wedding Day Sunset, Wedding Day Tranquility & Wedding Day Morning. They are also very reasonably priced!
  7. Vibrant Wedding Lightroom Presets – If you want to add a vibrant look to your wedding photos, this preset pack is for you! Includes 16 for desktop (Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC) and 16 for mobile (iPhone and Android). And to save a little money, you could consider getting the Vibrant Wedding Mini Pack for 6 presets instead of 16.
  8. Winter Wedding Lightroom Presets – Use these 10 Lightroom presets to brighten and enhance winter tones without harming skin tones in your wedding photos. These preset pack covers both desktop and mobile.
  9. Moody Wedding Lightroom Presets – These stunning Lightroom presets give wedding photos a film-like feel. Some of the 16 presets work best for soft light, others for harsh light. This pack includes presets for desktop and mobile.
  10. Two Hearts Desktop Wedding Presets – With this preset pack, you’ll get 5 pretty presets: Two Hearts, Two Hearts Airy, Two Hearts Bright, Two Hearts Forest & Two Hearts Celebration.
  11. Bright Wedding Lightroom Presets – Brighten up your wedding photos with these 16 bestselling Lightroom presets (includes desktop and mobile). You can also opt for a Bright Wedding Mini Pack with 6 presets.
  12. Farmhouse Lightroom Presets for Desktop and Mobile – These two packs (one for desktop and one for Lightroom mobile) will give your wedding photos a subtle rustic and warm vibe. The presets work particularly well with outdoor wedding photos (and all outdoor photos, really).
  13. Beach Wedding Lightroom Presets – This lightroom preset pack works well on all photos, but especially beach photos and wedding photos – and most of all, beach wedding photos! You get 16 Lightroom presets for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC, and 16 mobile presets for Android and iPhone.
  14. Wedding Lightroom Presets – This Lightroom preset pack is perfect for photos of weddings, engagements and couples. For desktop, you’ll get 3 color presets, 1 black and white preset, and 5 tools (Add Grain +, Auto WB, Creamy Highlights, Orange Skin Fix + and Orange Skin Fix ++). Using Lightroom Mobile? You’ll get 3 color presets and 1 black and white preset.
  15. Rustic Wedding Desktop Lightroom Presets – These 6 presets are for desktop only. You can add a unique, cozy, warm feel to your posed and candid wedding photos.

And if you’re looking for help with installing presets:

How to Install Desktop Lightroom Presets:

How to Install Mobile Lightroom Presets (iPhone):

How to Install Mobile Lightroom Presets (Android):