best lightroom presets for food bloggers and photographers

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Using Lightroom presets for food is a great way a food blogger can stand out from the crowd!

Lightroom presets are filters designed to bring out the best in your photography.

By using Lightroom presets specifically for food images, you can make your social media and blog graphics pop.

It’s an easy way for recipe sites and cooking blogs – as well as lifestyle sites, mom blogs & anyone who posts about food – to get more clicks. It’s also so important that pictures of meals look as delicious as they taste in real life!

The following is a list of the best desktop and mobile presets for food blogs. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find out how to use presets with Lightroom for desktop (requires an Adobe subscription – click here for new users) or for mobile (which is free!).

Top 60 Lightroom Presets for Food

  1. FoodKit Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – If you’re looking for a complete collection of food presets, you’ll be happy to know that the FoodKit includes 42 different presets! The presets, for mobile and desktop, fall into 2 categories. The Art category focuses on style and coloring. The Adjustment category comes in handy if you need to make corrections to your photos, like adjusting the lighting or bringing out more detail. You’ll even find presets for specific foods like biscuits and chocolate!
  2. Food Blogger Desktop & Mobile Presets – Brighten your food photography and social media posts with one of these 6 Lightroom presets, for desktop and mobile.
  3. The Foodie Enthusiast Mobile Preset Collection – This collection of 50 Lightroom mobile presets will enhance your food photos to create stunning images. You can also get these presets for Desktop.
  4. Bright Tasty Mobile Presets – This pack of 10 Lightroom Mobile presets works great for Instagram and bloggers. Includes Bright Tasty, Bright Tasty Contrast, Bright Tasty Warm, Bright Tasty Cold & Bright Tasty Bright.
  5. Food Lovers Mobile Lightroom Presets – These 15 beautiful presets, designed for Lightroom mobile, add a warm and faded tone to photos. They work best for food bloggers and indoor shots.
  6. Brunching Lightroom Mobile Preset – This lovely mobile preset works for indoor and outdoor foodie photos. It adds a soft, creamy hue while brightening and enhancing colors.
  7. Food & Instagram Lightroom Presets – This pack of 24 Lightroom presets (paid Adobe subscription required) creates a variety of looks for your food images, including warm, cool, soft, dark and bright. Also includes presets to bring out yellows, yellows & greens, blues and oranges. If you also blog about travel and lifestyle, you might want to consider getting these presets as part of a larger Blogger & Instagram Food, Travel and Lifestyle Bundle.
  8. Foodicious Photo Filters – Enjoy 65 different Lightroom desktop presets that will make your food photos even more gorgeous. Also includes presets compatible with Adobe Photoshop.
  9. Chef Desktop & Mobile Presets – This pack of 50 eye-catching presets includes versions for Lightroom mobile, Lightroom desktop & Photoshop.
  10. Bright Food Lightroom Mobile Presets – Add a bright and airy feel to your food photography with these 3 mobile presets.
  11. Coffee Cafe Lightroom Presets – Enhance the brown and orange tones in your photos with these presets, available in mobile and desktop: Espresso, Black Coffee, Ice Coffee, Caramel Macchiato & Barista.
  12. Food Blog Mobile & Desktop Preset – You’ll get one mobile preset and one desktop preset, perfect for bloggers or photographers who want to add contrast and saturation to their food photos.
  13. Minimal Food Desktop & Mobile Presets – Enhance clarity and vibrancy while softening your food photos with this pack of 10 presets for mobile and desktop. You’ll get these presets: All Natural, Simply Bright, Ultra White, Rich White, Silky, Matte, Lively, Navajo, Ochre & Maize.
  14. Sweets Lightroom Mobile Presets – This pack of 2 mobile presets contains one for bright and colorful photos and one for a more pastel look. Both are ideal for shots of candy, cake, cotton candy, cookies, donuts and more.
  15. Food Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack – With this pack, you get 22 different food blogger mobile presets. These presets, which give photos a modern, trendy look, also work well for fashion, travel & lifestyle bloggers and photographers.
  16. Delicious Lightroom Mobile Preset – This preset deepens and brightens food images while bringing out green, orange and red tones. The preset, for mobile only, is perfect for anyone with a blog or Instagram account specializing in travel, lifestyle or, of course, food.
  17. Foodie Moments Mobile Preset – You can create bright and warm food images with this preset for Lightroom mobile.
  18. Bread Mobile Lightroom Presets – This mobile preset pack for bread photos has one preset for a light and airy effect and one that creates a rustic look.
  19. Fruits & Salads Mobile & Desktop Preset – Your photos of fruits and vegetables will look vivid and bright with this preset for desktop and mobile.
  20. Food Filters Mobile Lightroom Presets – Use one of these 5 mobile presets to brighten your photos of ingredients or finished meals.
  21. Ice Cream Mobile & Desktop Presets – Make your dessert photos more vibrant with one of these 11 Lightroom presets (available for mobile and desktop).
  22. Caramel Coffee Mobile Lightroom Preset – Coffee lovers will enjoy this mobile preset and how it adds a warm, cozy look to food photography.
  23. Patisserie Mobile Presets – Add an airy, stylized look to your images with these 5 mobile Lightroom presets.
  24. Yummy Food Lightroom Preset – This bold preset is great for food bloggers and social media posts.
  25. So Delicious! Food Blogger Lightroom Preset – Adjust shadows and highlights to make your food posts look as appetizing as possible.
  26. Moody x Food Desktop & Mobile Presets – If you want to darken and deepen the brown and black tones in your images, you’ll love this Lightroom preset pack for food photography. Includes the following 10 presets: Smoked Brown, Bavarian Black, Charleston Brown, Forest Black, Sierra Brown, London Clay, Saddle Brown, Serengeti Sand, Homestar Brown & Metallic Brown.
  27. Bistrology Food Lightroom Presets – Your food photos will look sharp, colorful and mouthwatering with the 62 Lightroom desktop presets in this pack. Includes presets for color and for black & white photography.
  28. Insta Food Lightroom Preset Pack – These 4 mobile and desktop Lightroom presets will result in brighter and cleaner food shots for blogs and Instagram feeds.
  29. Coffeeshop Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – Food bloggers & Instagramers can use one of these 5 presets, for desktop & mobile, designed for various lighting situations.
  30. Vegan Professional Presets – Vegan bloggers will love this pack of 5 mobile and desktop presets designed specifically for vegan food photography.
  31. Foodie Lightroom Preset Pack – This pack of 10 mobile presets work great for photos of ice cream, pizza, tropical fruits and so much more. They are also available for desktop only.
  32. Bakery Mobile & Desktop Preset – Add a warm brightness to your food photos with this bakery-specific preset for desktop and mobile.
  33. Oneday Food Lightroom Presets – With these 12 presets, you can add soft, faded effects to your food photography.
  34. Sushi Lightroom Mobile Presets – Your sushi photos will look particularly stunning with one of these 3 mobile presets.
  35. Foodgrade Desktop Presets – Do you want crisp and clean food images? Check out these 10 presets for Lightroom desktop.
  36. Delicious Blue Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Preset – If you have food photos with blue tones or elements, this preset is a great way to brighten your photos.
  37. Yummy Yummy Lightroom Presets – Make sure your posts stand out with these 20 beautiful Lightroom presets.
  38. Fabulous Food Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – This Lightroom preset pack for mobile and desktop includes 25 different food presets.
  39. Tasty Dessert Lightroom Presets – Improve color, tone, light and vibrancy in your dessert photography with these 16 Lightroom mobile and desktop presets.
  40. Food Flux Lightroom Presets – Create stunning food images with these 20 lightroom presets designed by photographers and food bloggers.
  41. Bon Appetit Mobile & Desktop Presets – With this preset pack, you can choose between 1 of 10 desktop and mobile presets, depending on the lighting in your food photo.
  42. Maldives Breakfast Desktop & Mobile Preset – This lovely preset, available for both mobile and desktop, will make your breakfast photos pop.
  43. Cotton Candy Lightroom Presets – Looking to add a pink hue to your images without adjusting the other colors? This pack of 5 desktop and mobile presets will do the job. They work great for photos of cotton candy, lollipops and other treats.
  44. Dark Food Lightroom Presets – These 6 Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop were designed for dark Instagram food posts. You can also get a larger pack of 16 similarly themed presets.
  45. Delicious Food Mobile Presets – Enhance colors and add contrast with these 5 food presets for mobile Lightroom.
  46. Aesthetic Foodie Lightroom Mobile Presets – Use a preset from this pack of 6 (mobile only) if you want a vibrant, summery look for your images.
  47. Berries Mobile Lightroom Presets – Bring out reds and blues in your food photography with these 5 mobile presets, especially great for berries and fruits.
  48. Yummy Food Lovers Lightroom Mobile Presets – With these 12 Lightroom presets for mobile, you can add brightness, lightness, softness and vibrancy to your photos. This works well for blog posts and Snapchat & Instagram feeds.
  49. Cookies Mobile Preset – Make sure your cookie recipes look as delicious as they taste with this Lightroom mobile preset.
  50. The Kitchen Lightroom Mobile Presets – Add an Instagram-friendly vibrancy to your photos with these 15 Lightroom presets for mobile.
  51. Artisan Food Presets – Enjoy a variety of presets in this pack of 50, including ones designed for cheese plates, seafood, pizza, Christmas treats and more.
  52. Tasty Bogota Mobile Lightroom Preset – This stylish mobile preset is ideal for indoor food photography.
  53. The Food Mobile Presets – You’ll get 2 dark & moody mobile presets especially for food bloggers.
  54. Raw Vegan Lightroom Presets – While these 16 presets for mobile and desktop are perfect for fruits and vegetables, they also work very well for any colorful photos of food.
  55. #Foodblog Lightroom Mobile Presets – If you want bright, trendy food photos, then you’ll love these 5 mobile presets.
  56. Citric Lightroom Mobile Presets – Use one of the 7 mobile presets included in this pack if your food images contain a lot of yellows and oranges.
  57. Foodmatte Desktop Presets – Bring out a moody look with these 5 matte presets for desktop.
  58. Beer O’Clock Desktop & Mobile Presets – If you want beer or drinks to stand out in any of your pictures, then consider using one of the presets (for mobile & desktop) included in this pack: Bottled Beer, Draft Beer, Blond Beer, Dark Beer & Foam.
  59. Light Dessert Mobile Presets – Your light dessert photos will look lovely when you use one of these 3 mobile Lightroom presets.
  60. Delicioso Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets – These 4 presets for food bloggers & Instagrammers make your food photos stand out. You’ll get Delicioso, Delicioso Less, Delicioso RGB (to enhance reds, greens & blues) and Delicioso RGBY (to enhance reds, greens, blues & yellows).

Lightroom for Desktop – Installing Presets

Lightroom for Mobile – Installing Presets