How to use AI to create TikTok videos

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TikTok has quickly become an important of any social media marketing strategy.  TikTok is especially important depending on which demographic you would like to target.  Young people, for example, use TikTok more than any other social media platform.

So you want to take advantage of this social media platform.  But in order to really take advantage of this growth, you’ll need to make sure you’re posting often.

This can seem like such a time-consuming task.  If only there was a way to use AI to save you time.  Oh wait…there is!

You can do that with the use of OneCliK.  OneCliK helps you quickly create a video from scratch.  You can use these videos on TikTok and YouTube.

These videos can be faceless, too, which is great if you’re not exactly keen on the idea of constantly recording yourself talking.

OneClik helps you add:

  • Al Voices
  • Unique background videos
  • Auto Captions
  • and more!

How does OneClik Work?

So when you start, you’ll choose a template.

There are four choices:

  • Reddit Stories
  • Chat Stories
  • Split Screen
  • AI Video

These templates were created because they were used for videos that have already gone viral.  So you won’t have to waste time worrying about the best format for your video.

If you want to create a faceless video, you’ll need to get a background video.  This can be a background that you upload yourself.  Or you can choose from their library.  These are backgrounds that were modified to meet TikTok and YouTube monetization criteria.

You’ll also need to choose a script.  You insert your own script manually.  Or you can extract a script from a viral video and use it with modifications.  OneClik can even translate it to reach other markets.

You’ll also need to choose a voice to generate for the video.  You can choose from 45 realistic voices.  They were chosen based on viral voices used on social media.

You’ll also need to choose the music.  You can choose from their music.  Or you can add your own.

They will then generate your video.  You can then post it as is.  Or you can edit it.  You’ll be able to modify the font, style, number of words, and position for each frame.  You also get the option to speed up the video or adjust the music.

Is There a Coupon Available for OneClik?

You may think software like this would be expensive.  But luckily it is not, because there is a great coupon available for OneClik you can get here.  You can save a whopping 79% on the cost of this software!  So act now to take advantage of this great deal!