Bird photo with orange background, which has been edited using a Lightroom mobile preset

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Using Bird Lightroom Presets

Do you work with a lot of photos of birds?

Perhaps you have an interest in wildlife photography, whether as a professional photographer or simply sharing amateur photos on social media.

Maybe you run a website about birding or a blog about animals.

You may even have your own bird watching tour company!

If you want to edit your bird photography, an easy way to do this is by using a Lightroom preset.

Lightroom presets are basically one click filters that allow you to adjust aspects of your photo, such as brightness, softness, vibrancy, clarity, warmth, etc.

There are desktop Lightroom presets, which you can use on your desktop (or laptop) computer. This requires a paid subscription to Adobe Lightroom.

You can also get the Lightroom mobile app for your phone, which is free.

We’ve put together a list of the 7 best Lightroom presets for birds. Using one of these presets is a simple way to improve your bird images.

Top 7 Best Lightroom Presets for Bird Photography

  1. Birds & Wings Preset Pack – 11 desktop & mobile Lightroom presets to bring out light and tone.
  2. Birds Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack – 14 presets for outdoor bird photography.
  3. Birds Lightroom Presets – 10 presets for bird and wildlife photography.
  4. Birds – 15 professional Lightroom presets for bird photos.
  5. Peacock Presets – 10 green outdoor presets for desktop and for mobile.
  6. Birds Presets – 50 Lightroom presets for mobile or desktop.
  7. Bird Wildlife Presets Pack – 10 mobile and desktop presets, including Falconry, Flamingo, Vibrant, Clean-Up, Cheery, and more.

Using Bird Overlays

These bird Lightroom presets are ideal for photos of birds.

But what if your photo doesn’t have any birds? What if you’d like to add birds into your images?

A photo overlay is perfect for that!

With a birds overlay, you can insert birds into your photos, which can make your pictures more dramatic or interesting.

If you’re looking for the best way to add this artistic effect, we’ve put together a list of the 17 best bird overlays. There are a lot of different birds represented in this list. Take a look and find the overlays that are best suited for your projects. And make sure to check for compatibility – the overlays should be compatible with Photoshop and similar software (like Paint Shop Pro).

Top 17 Best Bird Overlays

  1. 60 Birds Overlays – This mix of overlays includes seagulls, sparrows, doves, and more.
  2. Bird Flock Overlays – 11 bird flock photo overlays.
  3. Raven Overlays – 40 overlays with an individual raven and 30 overlays with flying ravens.
  4. Sea Bird Overlays – 30 interesting photo overlays of sea birds (swans, seagulls, doves).
  5. Small Bird Overlays – 30 photo overlays of realistic small birds.
  6. Owl Photo Overlays – 65 owl overlays.
  7. Hummingbird Overlays – 30 realistic hummingbird photo overlays.
  8. Eagle Overlays – 45 photo overlays of eagles.
  9. Pigeon Overlays – 26 pigeon photo overlays.
  10. Seagull Overlays – 30 overlays of flying seagulls.
  11. Transparent Bird Flock Overlays – 20 transparent bird flock photo overlays.
  12. Winter Bird Overlays – 5 blue bird overlays on a transparent background.
  13. Crow Overlays – 35 realistic crow photo overlays.
  14. Dove Photo Overlays – 34 overlays of a dove.
  15. Seagull Photo Overlays – 46 seagull overlays.
  16. Raven Photo Overlays – 25 raven overlays.
  17. Crow Birds Overlays – 30 beautiful crow bird overlays.