Best Lightroom Presets For Dogs Photography

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Using Lightroom Presets for Dog Photography

Do you post a lot of photos of dogs on your social media accounts, website or blog?

Make sure your pictures stand out by using one of the best Lightroom presets for dogs!

Adobe Lightroom is a popular photo editing application. While the possibilities are nearly endless, you can use a Lightroom preset to make a quick change in your photo. And I do mean quick – you can alter your image’s appearance with just one click! It’s similar to Instagram filters, except that you are not limited to just posting to your Instagram feed.

You can use Lightroom on your computer or laptop (the desktop version), though it does require a paid subscription. If you’d rather, though, you can use the free Lightroom mobile app on Android or iPhone.

If you are editing dog photography for a pet or lifestyle blog, social media posts, a dog-related online business or just for personal use, then you should consider using these top Lightroom dog presets. They have been specifically designed to bring out the best in images of dogs.

Top 25 Lightroom Presets for Dogs

  1. My Dog Desktop & Mobile Presets – Bring out beautiful tone and light in your dog photography with these 11 Lightroom presets (in mobile and desktop format).
  2. Dog Blogger Lightroom Presets – With this pack of 18 Lightroom presets for mobile & desktop, you can produce bright and moody pet photos for your blog.
  3. Cute Dog Lightroom Mobile Preset – Brighten indoor and outdoor shots of adorable dogs with this mobile Lightroom preset.
  4. Brown & Beige Dog Lightroom Presets – Create a beautiful, cohesive look for your indoor & lit outdoor photos of brown and beige dogs. The pack includes 5 Lightroom presets for use on mobile & desktop.
  5. Fur Buddies Lightroom Presets – This bundle of 26 Lightroom presets were created especially for the free Lightroom mobile app but also includes desktop versions. They work well for personal snapshots as well as professional photography of dogs, cats and other furry friends. You can use them for any indoor or outdoor settings, as they are perfect for any weather situation (from rain to bright sunshine).
  6. Pet Lifestyle Mobile Presets – Increase the color and light of your pet photos with these 5 mobile Lightroom presets perfect for lifestyle bloggers.
  7. Happy Dogs Lightroom Presets – Your Instagram and Facebook photos will have improved color, contrast, tone & vibrancy when you use one of these 16 Lightroom desktop and mobile presets.
  8. Pet Presets Volume 1 – If you have a large variety of dog photos (and especially if you have a lot of pictures of other animals as well), then this bundle of 50 Lightroom presets is perfect for you! They are great for group photos, selfies with your pet, wildlife shots, professional photography and pictures of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents & more.
  9. Pupfluencer Presets – Influencers will love this pack of 2 mobile presets: a Bright preset, which adds soft natural light and high contrast; and a Moody preset, which brings out subtle dark, warm highlights for photos that are a little too bright.
  10. Little Friends Mobile Presets – Add clarity and brightness to your pictures of dogs, cats & other pets with these 10 Lightroom mobile presets.
  11. Luxe Pups Lightroom Presets – Give your dog photos a warm, vibrant, luxurious look! This bundle of 5 Lightroom presets was created with lifestyle influencers who like to take pictures of their dogs in mind. The filters work best with with Golds, Blondes, Browns and Whites.
  12. Dog Lovers Lightroom Mobile Presets – Improve sharpness, clarity, color, contrast & light with this pack of 7 mobile presets.
  13. Furry Insta Mobile Presets – Your Instagram feed will look stunning with these 4 Lightroom mobile presets made for cat and dog photos.
  14. Family Pet Mobile Presets – There are 4 soft, beautiful Lightroom mobile presets included in this pack, created for images of dogs and cats.
  15. Epic Dog Pet Presets – These 12 Lightroom presets (for desktop and for mobile app) were specifically designed to enhance dog photography, especially photos with an outdoor setting.
  16. World of Pets (Dogs) Lightroom Presets – Do you want to bring out details and textures in highlights and shadows, while also correcting lighting flaws? Consider using one of the 9 presets included in this bundle (available in Lightroom mobile, Lightroom desktop & Photoshop formats).
  17. White Puppy Lightroom Presets – Editing photos of white pets? Bring out light and white tones in your dog’s fur by using one of the 6 mobile & desktop presets included in this bundle.
  18. Dog Days Mobile Presets – Your dog-centric social media posts will look beautiful with these 5 Lightroom mobile presets, ideal for photos in light spaces or shot in natural light.
  19. Pets Portraits Lightroom Presets – This bundle of 10 presets (for mobile & for desktop) is great for creating stylish, gorgeous photos of pets.
  20. Cats & Dogs Lightroom Presets – Improve your cat and dog photography with the 12 color presets and 3 black and white presets included in this bundle for Lightroom desktop.
  21. Furry Friends Lightroom Presets – Give fur a cleaner, softer look with these 25 bright Lightroom presets (in mobile & desktop form).
  22. Warm Pet Lightroom Presets – Increase warmth and brightness using one of the 5 presets (for mobile & desktop) included in this pack.
  23. Dog Model Lightroom Preset – Using this Lightroom preset for desktop & mobile will result in bolder, lighter dog pictures.
  24. Pets Lightroom Mobile Presets Pack – Instagrammers will love these 15 presets for mobile Lightroom and how they make your pet photos stand out.
  25. Petey and Furends Presets – If you have a pet blog, this pack of 10 Lightroom mobile presets is perfect for you.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

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