Best car repair service WordPress themes for garages, mechanics, body shops, etc.

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Do you run a car repair service?  Or do you run a website for an auto repair service?  Either way, there is a good chance that you want your website to be a WordPress website.  After all, a lot of the websites you see online are WordPress websites.

So what do I mean by that?  WordPress is a content management system you can use to create a website.  It is a way for people to create websites even if they don’t have a background in computer science or they haven’t created a bunch of websites before.  You don’t need to use any fancy coding.  Or coding at all.  We have a non-technical guide to get you started on your WordPress website here.

Once you have a WordPress website, you will need a great theme.  A theme is basically the way your website is presented.  A professional-looking theme will give your website a great professional look.

But if you don’t have a lot of experience designing websites, you are not going to want to have to customize a WordPress theme a lot.  That is why if you have run a car repair service, you will want a car repair service WordPress theme.  It is already designed for a business like yours.  So all you have to do is plug in your information and you’ll be ready to go!

So we came up with our list of the fifty best car repair service WordPress themes.  Use one of these to help your business look as professional as possible without having to pay someone to design the website for you.

Top Car Repair Service WP Themes

  1. Car Repair – Auto Mechanic WordPress
  2. Garage – Auto Mechanic and Car Repair Workshop Theme
  3. Autrics | Car Services and Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme
  4. Mechanic – Auto & Car Repair Theme
  5. Autoresq – Car Repair WordPress Theme
  6. Procar – Auto Repair and Car Repair
  7. Car Services WordPress theme, Auto Services WordPress blog theme, Mechanic Services WordPress Theme, Car Repair WordPress blog template
  8. Auto Care – Car Mechanic WordPress Theme
  9. Car Service – Mechanic Auto Shop WordPress Theme
  10. Pitstop – Car Repair WordPress Theme
  11. AutoPress – Car Repair & Services WordPress Theme
  12. Reisen | Automechanic & Auto Body Repair Car WordPress Theme
  13. Karon – Car Repair and Service WordPress Theme
  14. LT Careser Repair WordPress Theme
  15. Carsao – Responsive Car Service WordPress Theme
  16. PrideCar – Car Wash & Auto Mechanic
  17. Ripara – Auto Repair & Car WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  18. Car Services – Divi Child Theme
  19. AutoService – Mechanic & Car Repairs WordPress Theme
  20. Mectronic – WordPress Theme for Car Repair Center
  21. Axivis – Car Services & Repair WordPress Theme
  22. Car Shire || Auto Mechanic & Repair WordPress Theme
  23. Autoser – Car Repair and Auto Service WordPress Theme
  24. Gerez – Car Services & Repair WordPress Theme + RTL
  25. Automotz – Auto Repair Services WordPress Theme
  26. EnginX – Auto Repair Service WordPress Theme
  27. AutoCare – Auto Service WordPress Theme
  28. WorkshopPlus – WorkShop Car Autos Services WordPress Theme
  29. WashMe! – Car Wash & Repair Theme
  30. Total Car || Auto Mechanic & Car Repair WordPress Theme
  31. PneuPress – Tire Shop and Car Repair WordPress Theme
  32. Car RE – Auto Mechanic & Car Repair WordPress Theme
  33. Autolane – Car Mechanic WordPress Theme
  34. Car Repair Services & Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme + RTL
  35. Scyla || Auto Mechanic & Car Repair WordPress Theme
  36. Carbonick – Auto Services & Repair WordPress Theme
  37. MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme
  38. Mechanic – Car Service & Workshop WordPress Theme
  39. Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme + Elementor
  40. IdealAuto – Car Dealer & Services WordPress Theme
  41. Carspa -Car Wash & Workshop WP Theme
  42. Rexar | Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme
  43. Carlax | Car Parts Store & Auto Service WordPress Theme
  44. Parkivia | Auto Parking & Car Maintenance WordPress Theme
  45. Apeix – Car Repair Service & Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme
  46. Mekanik – Car Mechanic WordPress Theme
  47. Car Zone – Towing & Repair WordPress Theme
  48. Carutos – Car Repair Services & Auto Parts WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  49. Auto – WordPress theme for Mechanic, Car Dealers and Repair Shops
  50. Mechanico – Car Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme

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50 Top WordPress Themes for a Car Repair Service