Our list of the best Wordpress themes for coffee shops

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Do you own or run a coffee shop?  Are you looking to create a website for this coffee shop?

WordPress is a great way to create your website.  You can do it even if you don’t have any experience creating websites.  We actually have a non-technical guide to creating a website with WordPress.  This gives you a step-by-step process of how to build a WordPress website.

If you read through the guide, you’ll see that you’ll need a WordPress theme for your website.  This is essentially how your website is displayed.

So if you have a website for your coffee shop, you’ll want to get a theme that is specific to coffee shops.  This will make creating your website so much easier.  Since it is already designed for a coffee shop, you won’t have to do a lot of customization.  You can just enter your information in and you can be ready to go.

So we came up with our list of the twenty best coffee shop WordPress themes.  We know you’ll find the perfect theme for your coffee shop from our list!

Best Coffee Shop WordPress Themes

  1. Coffeecrew – Coffee Shop WP Theme
  2. Amaya – Coffee Shop WordPress Theme
  3. WordPress Theme – Coffee Shop
  4. Coffee – Coffee Shop WordPress Theme
  5. Cafenod – Coffee Shop WordPress Theme
  6. Coffee Shop – Pastry WP Theme
  7. Despina – Cafes & Coffee Shops WordPress Theme
  8. Coffee Luck | Cafe, Restaurant & Shop WordPress Theme
  9. Craft | Coffee Shop Cafe Restaurant WordPress
  10. Hot Coffee | Cafe / Restaurant / Bar WordPress Theme
  11. Kaffa – Cafe & Coffee Shop WordPress Theme + RTL
  12. CafeXP | Cafe & Coffee Shop WordPress Theme
  13. TeaHouse | Tea Store and Coffee Shop WordPress Theme
  14. Ez Cafe Coffee Shop WordPress Divi Child Theme
  15. CoffeeKing – Coffee Shop & Drinks Online Store WordPress Theme
  16. TheLeaf – Tea Production Company & Online Coffee Shop WordPress Theme
  17. Coffee Shop
  18. Butter – Professional Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee, Winery and Pizza WordPress Theme
  19. Gusteau – Elegant Food – Coffee and Restaurant WordPress Theme
  20. Coffee WordPress Theme