The best WordPress themes for rental property websites

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Are you looking to create a WordPress website for rental properties?  Perhaps you want to build a website that displays houses or condos that are for rent.  Maybe you are building the next  Maybe you want to display vacation homes and villas that are available to rent like Vrbo.

Whatever your reason for creating a rental property website, creating one with WordPress is a great idea.  There are really good reasons why WordPress is such a popular way to create a new website.  It is an easy way to create a professional-looking website even if you don’t have a lot of experience.  In fact, here at Website Tips & Tutorials we created our own non-technical step by step guide for creating a WordPress website.

One of the things you’ll notice in our guide is that you’ll need a theme for your website, which is how the website is displayed.  So if you want to make your job easier (and why wouldn’t you?) it makes sense to get a theme that is already designed for rental properties.  That way, the hardest work is done for you.  You just have to plug your information into the website.  Trust me, I’ve built WordPress websites where I’ve had to do a lot of customization and I’ve built WordPress websites without a lot of customizations, and the latter always saves a lot of hours and headaches.

And I’m about to make your job even easier.  I’m going to go ahead and tell you about the best rental property WordPress templates out there to save you even more time.  You’ll just have to pick one from this list and then you’ll be ready to go!

Rental Property WordPress Themes

  1. CasaMia | Property Rental Real Estate WordPress Theme
  2. Best Deals – A Modern Property Sales & Rental WordPress Theme
  3. Restancy – Real Estate and Rental WordPress Theme
  4. Estate – Property Sales & Rental WordPress Theme + RTL
  5. Vacation Rental WordPress Theme – Villagio
  6. Renter — Property Rent/Sale Real Estate Agency & Realtor Responsive WordPress Theme
  7. WP Rentals – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme
  8. MaisonCo – Single Property WordPress Theme
  9. Real Estate WordPress Theme
  10. Amuli | Property & Real Estate Marketplace WordPress Theme
  11. Villax – Villa & Vacation Rentals WordPress Theme
  12. Nestin – Real Estate & Single Property
  13. Houzillo – Bookings and Rental WordPress Theme
  14. Vacation Rental Elementor WordPress Theme – Alpen House
  15. RealtyElite – Real Estate & Property Sales WordPress Theme
  16. Skyview Complex – One Page Single Property WordPress Theme
  17. Dinso – Single Property & Apartment WordPress Theme
  18. Property Rental Elementor WordPress Theme – Aquentra
  19. Single Property Real Estate – Estato
  20. Windsor – Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme
  21. Vacation Rental WordPress Theme – Mountain View
  22. RealHomes – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme
  23. Bariel – Real Estate WordPress Theme
  24. UrbanPoint – House Selling & Rental WordPress Theme
  25. LateHome – Real Estate WordPress Theme
  26. Fokkner – Real Estate and Property Theme
  27. Heaven11 | Property & Apartment Real Estate WordPress Theme
  28. PatelProperty – Single Property Real Estate WordPress Theme
  29. RealPlaces – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme
  30. Pergola – Single Property & Developer Theme