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Are you starting a surfing website?  Maybe you want to run a blog with surfing tips.  Maybe you want to run a new website about surfing competitions and news in the industry.  Perhaps you want to sell surfboards.  Or maybe you give surfing lessons.

Whatever your reason to start a surfing website, I am sure you want to start your website.  And I am sure you want to be as easy as possible while still looking really professional.  And you can achieve that by using WordPress.

WordPress is a popular way to create a website.  What is so great about WordPress is that your website will look incredibly professional.  But you don’t need to know anything about coding or even have experience creating a website in order to use it.  In fact, we have a non-technical guide to getting started on WordPress you can use to create your surfing website.

One thing you’ll learn from the guide is that you’ll need a theme for your new WordPress website.  That is essentially how your website looks.

One way to make creating your website easier if you get a theme that is specifically for surfing.  That way, you already have a template of sorts that fits your content exactly.

So we came up with our list of the best WordPress surfing themes.  You can look through these to find one that will work with your website!

Best Surfing WordPress Themes

  1. Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme
  2. Surfy – Surfing and Water Sports
  3. WaveRide – Surfing and Water Sports Theme
  4. Marinio – Surfing & Scuba Diving WordPress Theme
  5. Surge – Surfing Sports Club WordPress Theme
  6. Werfy – Surfing & Water Sports WordPress theme
  7. Surfing Club WordPress Theme
  8. Summer – Surf Beach Grunge – Blog & Shop
  9. Kenety Extreme Water Sports WordPress Theme
  10. Divein – Scuba Diving & Surfing WordPress Theme
  11. Shaka – A Water Sport WordPress theme
  12. Xtrail – Extreme Sports and Outdoors Theme
  13. Briny | Scuba Diving School & Water Sports WordPress Theme + RTL
  14. Extreme Sports Club WordPress Theme
  15. Atlets – Extreme and Outdoors WordPress Theme
  16. Klippe – Adventure Tours and Extreme Sports Theme
  17. Kayaking / Paddling / Water Sports & Outdoors WordPress Theme
  18. Malta – Windsurfing, Kitesurfing & Wakesurfing Center WordPress Theme
  19. NextWave – Minimal WordPress Theme
  20. DiveIt – Scuba Diving School, Sea Adventure & Travel WordPress Theme