Best tattoo WordPress themes for websites for tattoo artists, shops

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Are you a tattoo artist?  Do you own or manage a tattoo studio?  Are you looking to start a website for your business?

Starting a website is a great idea!  If you are a tattoo artist looking for work, having a gallery with your work is a great way to help secure work.  And if you run or own a tattoo studio, then having a website is a good way to advertise your business and get new clients.

If you are starting a brand new website, then starting one with WordPress is a good idea.  WordPress is a great way for anyone – no matter their experience – to start a brand new website.  You don’t need to know any coding or anything like that to start a WordPress website.  In fact, here at Website Tips & Tutorials, we have our own non-technical guide to getting started with WordPress.

If you are starting a tattoo-themed WordPress website, then you are going to need a tattoo theme.  A theme in WordPress is basically how your website looks.  It should look professional and fit your business, which it can if you buy an already made tattoo WordPress theme.  So we came up with our list of the best tattoo WordPress themes.

Best Tattoo WordPress Themes

  1. Tattoo Studio Theme
  2. InkArt – Tattoo Studio Artist WordPress
  3. Mania – Tattoo Salon Website WordPress Theme
  4. Caftato Tatoo Artist WordPress Theme
  5. Tattoo Studio – Responsive WordPress Theme
  6. Responsive Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme
  7. Creative Tattoo WordPress Theme
  8. TattooPress – A WordPress Theme for Ink Artists
  9. Ink Tattoo Studio – Creative WordPress Theme
  10. Tristero – Tattoo WordPress Theme
  11. Spencer – Tattoo Artist WP Theme
  12. Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme
  13. Maori – Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme
  14. EWO – Tattoo Studio WordPress
  15. Tattoized – Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme
  16. Ancora | An Urban Tattoo Salon and Ink Shop WordPress Theme
  17. Dotwork – Tattoo Studio and Piercing Shop Theme
  18. Tattoos – WordPress Theme
  19. Quality Tattoo Artistry WordPress Theme
  20. Illuminati – Tattoo Parlor WordPress Theme
  21. Adam Smith – Creative Personal Tattoo Pro WordPress Theme
  22. Tattoo – WordPress Theme
  23. Revolver – Tattoo Studio and Barbershop Theme
  24. InkPink – Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme
  25. Tattoo Salon Responsive WordPress Theme
  26. Salon | Barbershop & Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme
  27. Nelson – Barbershop Hairdresser, Tattoo & Beauty Salon WordPress Theme
  28. Barber – Hair, Tattoo & Beauty Salons WordPress Theme
  29. LT Tattoo Onepage WordPress Theme
  30. Berger | Barbershop and Hairdresser + Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme