Best cleaning service WordPress themes

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Do you run a cleaning company or a business that offers maid or cleaning services?  I am sure you want a website for your business.

And if you do have a website for your business, then there’s a good chance you have a WordPress website.  A lot of people use WordPress to create websites.  It is a great way to create a professional-looking website without having to need any experience.  You also won’t need to learn coding to create the website.  If you need help getting started with your WordPress website, we give you a step-by-step guide here.

When you have a WordPress website, you need to pick out a WordPress theme.  This is basically how your website will look.  It will make things a lot easier for you a get a theme that is already designed for cleaning services.  That way, all you really have to do is enter in your information.  The rest is done for you.  Think of it as a template.

So we came up with our list of the best cleaning service WordPress themes out there.  We are sure you will find the perfect WordPress theme for your business from this list!

  1. We Clean – Cleaning WordPress
  2. Bixol – Cleaning Services WordPress
  3. Clenix – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  4. Sanera – Sanitizing And Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  5. Queak – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  6. Cleanco 3.0 – Cleaning Service Company WordPress Theme
  7. Clanora – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  8. Soapee – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  9. Cleanextreme – Cleaning Company
  10. CleenDay – Cleaning Company WordPress Theme
  11. Sanitizex – Sanitizing and Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  12. Clinima – Cleaning Services WP Theme
  13. Cleany – Cleaning Services Company WordPress Theme
  14. Moppers – Cleaning Company and Services WordPress Theme
  15. Cleaning Service Company WordPress Theme
  16. Rundex – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  17. Cleanora – Cleaning Services Theme
  18. SmartClean | Housekeeping, Washing & Cleaning Company WordPress Theme
  19. PrettyPress – House Cleaning Service WordPress Theme
  20. Cleaning Service WordPress Theme
  21. Brushup – Cleaning Service Company WordPress Theme
  22. Cleaning Services WordPress Theme + RTL
  23. Sanito – Sanitizing and Cleaning WordPress Theme
  24. Cleaning Company – WordPress Theme
  25. The Kleaner – Industrial Cleaning Company WordPress Theme
  26. CleanMate – Cleaning Company Maid Gardening WordPress Theme
  27. The Qlean | Housekeeping: Washing & Cleaning Company WordPress Theme
  28. Klinixer – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme + RTL
  29. Broom – Cleaning Company WP Theme
  30. Klenster – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
  31. Clengo – Cleaning Company
  32. EcoClean – House Cleaning Company WordPress Theme
  33. Clenoz – Cleaning Service WordPress Theme
  34. Be Clean – Cleaning Company, Maid Service & Laundry WordPress Theme
  35. Hanover: Cleaning Business Company WordPress Theme
  36. Cleaning Service – Divi Child Theme
  37. Klear – Cleaning Service Company WordPress Theme + RTL
  38. CarpetServ | Cleaning Company, Housekeeping & Janitorial Services WordPress Theme
  39. Marta – Cleaning Company WordPress Theme
  40. Fouens – Carpet Cleaning WordPress Theme