Best WordPress themed for the healthcare, medical, doctor profession

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Do you run a website for a healthcare business?  Maybe you run a website for a business that provides medical services.  Or perhaps a business that manufactures medical equipment or drugs.  Maybe you run a website a company for a business that medical insurance.  The healthcare business is huge and vast, so there are a lot of different websites you can run.

If you are running a WordPress website, then there is a good chance you need a WordPress theme.  WordPress is a great way to create a website that is professional-looking without having to learn any complicated coding.  In fact, we have a non-technical guide to starting your website with WordPress here.

Once you have a WordPress website, you’ll need a WordPress theme.  So we came up with a list of the 50 best WordPress themes for the healthcare industry.  You should be able to find a great WordPress theme for your website from the list.  That will not only save you time, but will make your website look incredibly professional!

Best Healthcare WordPress Themes

  1. Medicare – Doctor, Medical & Healthcare
  2. MediClinic – Medical Healthcare Theme
  3. OneLife – Medical HealthCare
  4. ProMedica – Medical and Healthcare Theme
  5. Healthcare – Medical for Doctor Dentist
  6. Nordis – Health & Healthcare
  7. Doctery – Hospital and Healthcare WordPress Theme
  8. MedicalHealth – Doctor & Healthcare Clinic WordPress Theme
  9. Dr.Patterson | Medicine & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme
  10. Cosgrove – Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme
  11. InClinic – Healthcare & Medical WordPress Theme
  12. MediCenter – Health Medical Clinic WordPress Theme
  13. LuxMed | Medicine & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme
  14. Viscareo – Hospital and Healthcare WordPress Theme
  15. Medical Healthcare WordPress Theme
  16. inMedical | Multi-Purpose for Healthcare WordPress Theme
  17. Dentalux | A Dentist Medical & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme
  18. Medibo – Medical WordPress Theme
  19. CliLab – WP Theme for Medical, HealthCare Services
  20. Medicare Pharmacies – Healthcare WordPress Theme
  21. Senior | Health and Medical Care WordPress Theme
  22. ProDent | Dental Clinic & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme + Elementor
  23. DocDirect – WordPress Theme for Doctors and Healthcare Directory
  24. Vaxi – Medical and Vaccination WordPress Theme
  25. Cliniq – WordPress Theme for Doctor, Clinic & Medical
  26. Healsoul – Medical Care, Home Healthcare Service WP Theme
  27. Dentario | Dentist, Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme + RTL
  28. Medigroup – Medical and Health Theme
  29. Accu – Healthcare, Massage WordPress Theme
  30. HouseMed – Medical and Health Theme
  31. Dental Clinic, Medicine & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme
  32. SoulMedic | Hospital & Doctor WordPress Theme
  33. Physio – Physical Therapy & Medical Clinic WP Theme
  34. Medcity – Health & Medical WordPress Theme
  35. Meni – Medical Doctor Theme
  36. Rola – Medical Dental WordPress Theme
  37. Medilazar – Pharmacy Medical WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  38. Clinika – Medical Clinic WordPress Theme
  39. Medik – Medical WooCommerce Store
  40. IPharm – Online Pharmacy & Medical WordPress Theme
  41. Anderson | Orthopedic Clinic & Medical Center WordPress Theme
  42. DentiCare – Medical, Dentist & Dental Clinic
  43. Cura – Medical Clinic Theme
  44. PathWell | A Senior Care Hospital WordPress Theme
  45. KiviCare – Medical Clinic & Patient Management WordPress Theme
  46. Pharmaton – Medical and Pharmacy WordPress Theme
  47. Cardioly – Cardiologist and Medical WordPress theme
  48. Nika – Medical Elementor WooCommerce Theme
  49. PharmaCare – Pharmacy and Medical Store
  50. Psychiatrist – WordPress Theme