Why artists should start a WordPress website for their work & how to quickly do that

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Making an Artist Website

Are you an artist?  Then I think you should get a WordPress website. Today, I’ll go over why you should and how you can easily do it.

Why Have a Website

So first of all, if you are an artist, you may not think you need a website.  You may think social media accounts are enough.  But the hard truth is, they are not.  You need one place where all of your artwork is easily accessible.

Now, this is not to say you shouldn’t have social media accounts.  That is important, too.  But you can have a link to your website displayed on your social media accounts.  So when people get interested in one of your pieces they see on social media, they can then click on the link to your website.  And then they can more easily find out about all of your work.  You can also use your website to sell your art.  Also, having an actual website can make you seem more professional.

So you know you need a website.  But you may think you can’t do that for yourself.  That you will have to pay someone a lot of money to create your website.  But luckily, that is not the case.  You can easily create your own website even if you have no experience.  And that is because of WordPress.

Creating an Artist Website with WordPress

Now, you may be wondering, why create my website with WordPress?  Or, more importantly, what is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system.  And if that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry.  Basically, it is something you can use to easily create a website without having to do any coding.  You don’t need any computer science background to get a website started with WordPress.

And it won’t take you as many steps as you think.

Step #1: Get a Domain Name

You will also need a domain name.  This is your website address.  Ours is “websitetipsandtutorials.com”.  You could use your name or something more creative.  It really is up to you!

But since you are an artist, might I suggest using .art instead of .com?  This shows your inclusion in the art community.

And guess what!  Website Tips & Tutorials even has a promo code for our readers that will save you money on your .art domain.  Just click here to get a domain with Dynadot.  They offer cheap enough rates for domain names.  But if you use the promo code “DOTART20”, you can save an extra $3!

Step #2: Get a Web Host

Secondly, you need a Web Host.  You can think of this as sort of acting as a landlord.  In order to be on the internet, you need to pay someone to get you there.

But luckily, you can do that at incredibly reasonable rates.  You can also do this with Dynadot.  They are a great web host with incredibly affordable rates.  Click here to get started.

Step #3: Get HTTPS

You will need your website to be HTTPS instead of HTTP to make sure your website is secure.  You can get started with that (also with Dynadot!) by clicking here.

Step #4: Get WordPress Core

You’ll need WordPress core to make your artist WordPress website.  But the great thing is, you can actually download WordPress core for free from WordPress.org.

Step #5: Pick a Theme

A theme is how your website will look.  You don’t have to have any experience in web design or coding. Instead, with WordPress, you can pick a theme that’s already designed for an artist’s website! Some of the best artist website themes include:

  • Caruso – Artist Portfolio & Art Shop Theme – This WordPress theme contains sections for works & series, artist biography, exhibitions, contact, blog, and art shop as well as a home section.
  • O2 Responsive Artists WordPress Theme – One of the neat features about this theme is that it comes with a background slideshow. You can add as many slides as you want (with or without captions), which is an effective way to show off your work and get someone’s attention.
  • Porto WordPress Portfolio Theme – With this theme, all of the menu items at the top of the screen are for different portfolios (or categories of your artwork). Click on a menu item, and you can see all the individual pieces by scrolling horizontally.
  • Hatch – Portfolio & Photography WP Theme – This simple portfolio theme was designed to highlight the work of artists, photographers, illustrators, and other creative types.

So just pick one of these, and you’ll be able to easily add your artwork to the website.  No experience needed!


It is important as an artist that you have your own website.  If you just follow these simple steps, you can quickly get your website up and running.  And it won’t even cost you a bundle – just use our promo code to get started with Dynadot!