Marketing, website & starting a business advice for maternity photgraphers

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Best Tools to Help a Maternity Photography Business

Are thinking of starting a maternity photography business?  Or perhaps you’ve already started one and want some tips to make your business even better.  Either way, we have some tips that can make your business even better.

Get an LLC

I have formed multiple businesses, and every single one I’ve formed has been an LLC.  Forming an LLC, or Limited Liability Corporation, is a great way to protect yourself legally.  We go into more details about why forming an LLC is so important here.

Get a Website

Once you have your business, you need a website.  That is how you can show off your beautiful maternity photography!  And it is also how customers can find you.

You might think you can’t make a website for yourself.  But we have a great non-technical way to get your website started.

If you really want to make sure people can find your website, though, you’ll need to enhance your SEO, or search engine optimization.  Basically, there are things you can do to get your business towards the top of search engines like Google and Bing.  We talk about tools that can help you here.

If you want to jump to the top of a search engine quicker, though, you can always buy ads.  Then your ads will appear at the top.  Personally, I recommend doing Bing ads rather than Google ads.  It’s cheaper to do Bing ads so when I’ve used Bing I’ve made money whereas with Google ads, I didn’t always make money because the ads were so expensive to begin with.  Plus, Bing ads has a great deal going where you can get $100 of free advertising!

Get Social Media Accounts

You can have a great online presence in addition to your website by having social media accounts.  Social media accounts are a great way to find additional customers who have not found your business.  They are also a great way for your customers to keep up with you.  And you put your website on your social media accounts to get customers to your website.

So here are some blog posts we’ve written in the past that can help you get started – and thrive! – using various social media accounts.

Get Email Marketing

Many women have more than one baby.  Or they know other people who have babies.  So you want to keep up with your customers.  You’ll want to let them know about any deals or specials going on.  And email marketing is a great way to do this.  You can get started with a free trial for a great email marketing service here.

Get Business Cards

Sometimes the best way to get to customers can be without a computer.  Sometimes you run into someone who could use your services.  And in these cases, you need a business card.  You can also put your business cards up in community bulletin boards in your area.  Panera Bread and Starbucks, for example, often have bulletin boards you can use.  You can get great deals on business cards here.

Maternity Photography Classes

And finally, if you want to make maternity photography your business, you’ll want to keep improving your skills, right?  Well, here are some tools that can help you do just that: