15 ways to get more YouTube channel subscribers, more views for your videos

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

You’ve started a YouTube Channel.  You have great material.  But you can’t help noticing that your channel isn’t growing the way you wanted.  You don’t have nearly as many subscribers as you were hoping to have.  Or maybe your videos don’t have the view count that you were hoping for.

But the question is, how do you change that?  How do get your channel to grow, and grow quickly?

Well, wonder no more!  We have some surefire ways for you to grow your YouTube channel, and fast.

1. Post More Content

The more content you have, the more things people can find on YouTube.  And the more content you consistently put out there, the more reasons people have to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

If you find it hard, though, to keep adding more videos, there are ways around that.  And to me, that is getting Invideo.  You can easily create videos with Invideo that are professional.  You can even use Invideo to change your blog posts into YouTube Videos.  You can get started with Invideo by clicking here.

2. Get Better Keyword Rankings for Your Videos

So you have great content.  You’re posting more videos.  But maybe people aren’t finding your content.

So you should try to get better keywords.  These are search terms you will want to rank high in when people are searching in YouTube or Google.  Depending on your channel’s niche, there may be specific keywords you will want to do well in.  And there may be keywords you haven’t thought of that you could use in your YouTube descriptions & titles that would help your videos rank higher.

So consider getting TubeBuddy.  TubeBuddy is a great tool for anyone with a YouTube channel.  I will mention them a lot in this blog entry.  You can click here to get started with TubeBuddy.  But TubeBuddy will really help you get the best search terms.

You can also consider getting Keysearch Starter.  That helps you get started with working with keywords.

Another way to help you is with Rank Tracker for YouTube by Semrush. With Rank Tracker for YouTube, you can monitor your keyword rankings.  That is important when you are checking to see if what you are doing is working.

3. See What Videos Are Popular In Your Niche

Let’s say you have a specific niche, such as video tutorials for applying makeup.  Maybe you can consider checking out other videos in your niche to see what is popular.  That might give you a good idea of what people are looking for.  And then you can use what you learn to create videos that reflect this.

One way to find out which videos are popular in your niche is with Channel Authority Builder.  This tool will show you what is popular in your niche, so you won’t have to do hours and hours of research.

4. Appear on Other Channel’s Sidebars

Sometimes your channel not doing any better is simply a matter that not enough people have seen your videos.  So wouldn’t it be great if you could get your work to appear on other channels’ sidebars?  This way, more people would see your videos.  And then more people can subscribe to your channel.  And you could achieve this, too, by getting the Channel Authority Builder.

5. Get Better Thumbnails

When you make a YouTube video, you can choose a thumbnail.  This is what people see when they are searching for YouTube videos on YouTube.  They also show up on Google search results.

You can think of them almost like a cover of a book or magazine.  If you have an eye-catching thumbnail, people are more likely to notice your videos over others.  So it’s not enough just to get your keywords better and show up higher in search engines.  You need people to notice your specific video.

And you can do this with Canva.  Canva makes it easy to create your own custom YouTube thumbnails.  Click here to get started with Canva.

6. Get YouTube Cards

Similarly to getting better thumbnails, you can consider getting YouTube Cards.  You can use these cards to make videos more interactive.  You can make them appear at any point in your video.  Cards can feature a channel, playlist, video, or link.

TubeBuddy can make it easier for you to use Cards.  They let you set any video as a Card Template.  After that, you can easily apply the Cards to new uploads.  And you will be able to automate the process of copying your YouTube Cards across all or some of your videos.

7. Put Emojis in Your Video Titles

Another thing you can consider to get your video to stand out is to add an emoji to your title.  It might make your video stand out from other videos that do not.  TubeBuddy makes it easy to add emojis to your video titles.

8. Promote Other Videos at the End of your Video

One way to build YouTube subscribers is to make sure someone who views one of your videos then watches more of your videos.  One way to do that is to put links to your other videos on the End Screen of your videos.  And if you get TubeBuddy, you can do this really easily with their End Screen Templates.  TubeBuddy also helps you automate the process of copying End Screens across all or just some of your videos.

9. Promote Other Videos in Your Descriptions

Another way to get someone who is viewing one of your videos to see other videos by you is to promote the video in your description.  TubeBuddy makes it easy to do this.

10. Put Videos on your Website or Blog

If you are getting traffic to your website or blog but not your YouTube Channel, perhaps you should add more videos to your website or blog.  It can be pretty simple to do.

And if you want to customize the way it looks on your website or blog, consider getting TubeBuddy.  They have advanced options for embedding your videos.

TubeBuddy also helps you easily embed a video player on your website or blog so it will always play your most recent video.

11. Increase Global Viewership

One way to increase views on your YouTube channel is so to make your videos more accessible to more countries.  There could be people in other countries who would love your content.  But they may not speak English.

So to solve that problem, you can use TubeBuddy.  TubeBuddy will translate your video title, video description, and tags into other languages.

12. Get Better Tags

Do you add tags?  The better the tags you have, the more likely people are to find your video.

But coming up with great tags can be difficult.  But if you get TubeBuddy, they will automatically suggest popular trends and search phrases.  This is an efficient way to get better tags for your videos so more people can find your videos.

And the neat thing about tags is that you can keep tweaking them even after your videos are posted.  You can keep updating them to help your old videos.  And TubeBuddy will show trending Tags so you can use TubeBuddy to find new tags you can use on old videos.

13. Do Video A/B Tests

So you have a video that does well.  But you are not sure why it is doing well.  Is it just a great concept for a video?  Or is it a great title?  A great thumbnail?  Great tags?

One way to know more definitively is to do Video A/B tests.  This is where the same video could have multiple titles, tags, and thumbnails and then you could see which ones do the best.  You can do this with TubeBuddy.

14. Mention Your YouTube Channel in a Newsletter

Do you do newsletters?  If so, then you should mention your YouTube Channel in all your newsletters.  TubeBuddy even makes it easy for you to add your most recent or most popular upload to an email signature!

If you aren’t already doing newsletters, you really should start.  And it’s easy to do newsletters if you choose an email marketing company like Constant Contact.  Constant Contact even has a free trial, so there’s no reason to not try them out!

15. Do Bing Ads

Have you ever done ads on the search engine Bing?  I have, and I have had great success with it.  I’ve actually had more success with Bing ads than Google ads.  Less people use Bing, but the ads are cheaper.  So I have found that by doing ads on Bing, you can end up reaching more people for less money.

Especially because they have a great deal going right now.  Spend $25 on advertising, and they will give you $100 of advertising for free!  This is a great way to advertise your YouTube Channel without having to spend lots of money.