Find out why you should use Instagram Stories for your business

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Using Instagram Stories for a Business Account

Have you ever thought about using Instagram Stories for your business or brand?  Instagram Stories allows you to post multiple photos and videos that only appear for 24 hours.

Now, you may be thinking, why should I bother using this if it disappears in 24 hours?  But there actually are a number of benefits of using Instagram Stories for your business account.  We go over them here.

Key Benefits

Adding Links

One thing I have never liked about Instagram is the inability to post lots of links in your posts (unlike with, say, Twitter or Facebook).  We do go over how you can post multiple links in your Instagram bio here.  But with Instagram Stories, you can actually post links in the post themselves.  This can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Now, we should probably note that in order to do this, you have to have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram.  So if you want to use this feature and you don’t have 10,000 followers, you might want to read up on our tips to get Instagram followers fast.

More Visibility to Followers

Gone are the days when your feed on Instagram was determined by what was the most recent post.  You can’t just expect to post something and your followers to find it right away.  Instagram chooses which posts your followers see on their feed based on what Instagram thinks your followers like.  So posting an Instagram story could be a way to get the attention of people who have followed you but may have forgotten about you.  Post something Instagram thinks they will like and they will see it.

More Visibility to Non-Followers

The other kind of visibility your Instagram Stories could get are non-followers. 500 million Instagram users watch Instagram Stories each day.  And if you use good Hashtags, they could see your Instagram Stories even if they do not follow you.  Tailwind for Instagram can help you find good hashtags, so if you’re not using Tailwind you really should consider starting!

Create Brand Loyalty

So Instagram stories can give you exposure to both your followers and non-followers.  And they can also help those people become more loyal to your brand.  The whole point of Instagram stories is to tell a story.  So tell a story of you!  Tell people what makes your business unique.  Tell them stories about yourself they can relate to; basically, let them see a part of you that will make them loyal to you.  And then the Instagram Story is completely worth it!

Test Content

Since Instagram Stories only appear for 24 hours, it is a great way to test out content.  You know how sometimes you consider posting something to Instagram but aren’t sure if it’s good enough for your feed?  You don’t have to worry with Instagram Stories! In 24 hours, it will be gone!  So it is a great way to test out any new kind of content you’ve been considering posting to your Instagram.