Increase your followers on Instagram with these simple tips.

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Looking to increase your Instagram followers?  Stop stressing and just follow our tips!

1Improve Your Photo or Video Quality

One way to get more people to want to see more of your product is to improve your product, and you can do that by getting a phone with a better quality camera.  I noticed a big improvement in the quality of my photos & videos once I switched from an iphone to a Google Pixel phone.  You can also get something like BeFunky Photo Editor Pro to improve the photos you already have.

2Post at Better Times

Perhaps your problem isn’t so much content as people aren’t seeing your content because you’re posting at unpopular times for Instagram.  If you posted at better times, your posts might get more exposure and people could then find you and follow you.  If you get Tailwind, you could find out the best times to post on Instagram and schedule your Instagram posts for these times.

3Use More Hashtags

You may have great photos that people would like to see but even posting at the right time they may not find on Instagram if you don’t use hashtags.  Try to use more hashtags so that people can find your photos and then they can follow you.

4Create a Brand Hashtag

Create a hashtag unique to your business and then use it in all of your marketing material, like postcards or in your newsletters to help your customers find you on Instagram and then follow you.

5Follow People Likely to Follow You Back

Follow people who you think will follow back so that they can reciprocate.  Choose people from your field or people who follow more than follow you back.  You can always get an app like this one found on the Google Store to unfollow the ones who don’t follow you back.

6Post More

The more posts you have, the more likely you are to be noticed – and we give you some ideas for Instagram posts here.

7Add an Instagram Feed to Your Website

Get more people who visit your website to visit your Instagram by adding an Instagram feed to your website.  If you use WordPress, here is a guide to adding Instagram to your WordPress site.

8Tag Your Location

When you do post, make sure you tag your location because Location Tagging increase engagement, which increases your exposure and the more likely you are to gain followers.

9Includes Faces in Your Post

If you are comfortable putting your face in your photos, this can also increase engagement and therefore increase your followers.

10Hire Professionals

The quickest way, though, may be to hire professionals who can help your brand on Instagram, like Socialite Media and Goso.  This way, you can improve your Instagram presence while focusing on your business.

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