The benfits of video marketing and making a youtube channel for your business

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When you’re trying to get the word out about your business, have you considered using videos?  If you haven’t, then you really should. You could be missing out on so many potential customers by not using videos.  If your video is on Youtube, you could be missing out on everyone who searches on Youtube, and these people could be potential customers.  Plus, if you have a lot of videos out there, it can do well on google and that can get more of your content up higher on the front pages of google (which also pushes your competitor lower in google!).

In addition to videos helping people find your content, videos are a great way to help potential customers who have already found you or your website become actual customers.  Think about yourself and purchases you’ve made. Have you ever been on the fence for buying something but then when you see a video, it pushed you to finally take the plunge and buy it?  For example, if you are thinking about staying at a hotel but aren’t sure, would watching a video of the hotel’s beautiful pool or ocean or mountain views make you decide that this is the best hotel?  Well, the same can be true for your product, no matter what it is! With my first business, I can’t tell you how many customers I had tell me they decided to sign up for my product simply because of the videos they watched on my website.

You can also use tutorials to help customers figure out how to use your product, which can help sales.  For example, let’s say your business is making custom cakes. You could make a video that could help explain the process of how to order a cake.  This could help potential customers order the cake which could increase your sales, plus it could mean less confused customers calling you and instead just placing the order, giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business!

Additionally, making videos can keep your customers engaged so they become repeat customers.  If you have a Youtube channel, people can subscribe to your Youtube channel so they will be notified when you add a video.  That way your customers can know if you add a great new product, and then these same customers could buy your new product.

So, you may be wondering, does this mean I need to hire someone to make videos for myself?  Won’t that be expensive? Well, the truth is, you don’t. You probably own a phone that can take videos, right?  Well, you can take videos and you can edit videos yourself. This might sound scary if you haven’t done it before, but trust me, it’s not as intimidating as you may think.  You just have to use right software that can making editing simpler.

Now, the video software I recommend using is VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Platinum.  The cost is totally worth it – you’ll spend less than hiring someone to do it for you, plus if you make videos yourself you have more freedom and you can make a lot more videos, which will really help your business. You could try free video editing software, but I have found free video editing software often confusing or it doesn’t give me a lot of great options.  And the money you will make from more sales will more than cover it!
VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Platinum - Powerful Tools For Video