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Step by step guide and helpful advice for websites using WordPress.

wordpress non-technical guide - how to start a wordpress website

Getting Started with WordPress: A Non-Technical Guide for How to Start a WordPress Website

Are you looking to start a website? If you have a business, then running your own website lets you control how you get information about your business to your customers and...
5 best wordpress themes for a music school

Top 5 Music School WordPress Themes

Whether you are looking to start your own music school or you need to design a website for a music school, a WordPress website for the music school would be a...
How to run a pet sitting business website without coding experience

Top 3 Pet Sitting Business WordPress Themes

Thinking about starting a pet sitting business?  Already have a pet sitting business but want to get a website for your pet sitting business?  Already have a website for your pet...
Great wordpress themes for a website speciic for yoga studios

Top 10 Yoga Studio WordPress Themes

If you are looking to start a website for your yoga studio and you would like to create a WordPress website, then I would suggest downloading a WordPress theme specifically made...
wordpress themes to use for a quick and easy dance school website

Top 3 Dance Studios WordPress Themes

If you are looking to run a dance studio website and you would like to use WordPress, then here are 3 great themes you could use.  These themes are designed for a...