Why you'll make money from home with a stay at home mom blog

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Have you been thinking about starting a stay at home mom blog?  Then stop thinking and start doing! Stay at home mom blogs can be quite profitable, and a wonderful way for you to be able to stay at home with your child/children and still earn money in a really fun way.  Here are 10 reasons why stay at home mom blogs can be quite successful & profitable for you:

  1. You don’t need to be a computer expert to do it: If you thought you had to understand complex computer programming and coding in order to run a successful blog, then you will be happy to find out that that simply isn’t true anymore!  If you start a blog using WordPress or HostGator’s Website Builder, then you can have a professional blog without having to know any computer programming.
  2. Starting a blog is much cheaper than starting an actual brick & mortar business: I used to own an actual brick & mortar business and my monthly rent ate into so much of the business’s profits.  The beauty of starting a blog is that you won’t have to deal with monthly rent. You just have to deal with paying for a web host each month, but there are some great deals out there for affordable web hosting, like HostGator, SiteGround & BlueHost.
  3. You are an expert: One reason stay at home mom blogs can be so successful is that you can write about something you are an expert in: being a mom!  You can focus on broad parenting topics or even something specific, such as potty training. But since you are an expert, you’ll have plenty to write about!
  4. You can write about what you’re passionate about: It’s great to be able to write about something you’re passionate about, because your love of the topic will come through in your writing.  So if you love your children, then it will be easier for you to write great content. But how exactly does that make you rich? Well, stay tuned for the next point!
  5. There are a lot of companies out there who can work with you to make you money: As you I’m sure are well aware, being a mom can be expensive and there are a lot of things moms need.  That means that there are a lot of companies out there that sell things mom needs and if you advertise them on your blog (by mentioning them in your blog or putting their banners on your website), you can make a share of their profits.  I discuss affiliate marketing more in depth here.
  6. You can find cost effective advertising options: One thing you might worry about when you start a blog is, how will you get people to find out about you and read your blog entries?  Well, this is where advertising comes in, but you don’t have to have a huge budget for advertising like a national company would and have to worry about getting ads during the Super Bowl or anything.  There are better ways to get your blog hits. For starters, consider Bing advertising. I’ve found it to be cost effective and they have a great deal going where you can get a free $100 advertising credit.  You can also try advertising on social media (like twitter, youtube, pinterest, facebook, etc.). I’ve found Pinterest particularly helpful with mom blogs, and you can use Tailwind to make your job even easier.
  7. You can get repeat customers: A great thing about a mom blog is that if other mothers are interested in reading about your expertise, they’ll want to keep reading your tips since you’re both still mothers and they’ll need more tips and advice.  Repeat customers means that your blog’s success won’t be determined by getting new people on your website but you can be successful just by continuing to attract the same audience. A great way to keep repeat customers engaged is by email marketing where you could send out newsletters letting your readers know you have a new blog out, which you can do with Constant Contact.
  8. You can get google adsense to run on your website: If you don’t want to work directly with companies through affiliates but you get a lot of traffic, you can also consider making money through a Google Adsense account.  Basically, how that works is you can just run google ads on your website all the time and when people click on the banners google provides, you make money. I discuss this more in depth in this blog entry about making money blogging.
  9. You can get sponsored posts: If you want a break from writing yourself, you can even get companies to provide sponsored posts.  Basically, they would pay you and their writing would appear on your blog and they would do this to attract your dedicated readers.  This is a wonderful, very time effective way to earn money, don’t you think?
  10. You won’t waste money on childcare expenses: If you were to go out and get a job, then you would have to pay money for childcare.  By having a stay at home blog, you can work from home and you won’t need to pay for childcare so all the money you make from the blog will be profit!

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Have you been thinking about starting a stay at home mom blog? Then stop thinking & start doing, because I'm going to tell you 10 reasons why your mom blog could be successful & profitable!