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How to get a website started for business or pleasure. How to pick the best web host and advice for making your website a success.

Why you should choose Brilliant Directories to easily create a directory website

10 Reasons to Choose Brilliant Directories for a Directory Website Builder

Are you thinking about building your own directory website?  Then you should consider using Brilliant Directories!  Brilliant Directories is such a great choice for a directory website.  They make building a...
How to make event websites different plan options with Weebly hosting

How to Make a Simple Event Website

Are you looking to do a website for an event, and you don’t have any experience coding or creating websites?  If you want a lot of customization to your website but...
Find out the differences between GreenGeek & BlueHost web hosting plans.

GreenGeeks vs BlueHost: A Web Hosting Comparison

If you are looking for a great web host for your website or blog, then two options you are probably considering BlueHost & GreenGeeks.  Both are great web hosting options that...

How to Create a Subdomain in A2

One of the benefits of having an A2 Hosting account is the ability to create unlimited subdomains. A subdomain is basically part of your main website. Some examples of subdomains you might have...
Find out how you can easily get more customer reviws for your business

How to Get More Reviews for your Business

Getting More Reviews for Your Business If you are like me, then you really hate asking people for reviews.  I mean, it's so awkward.  And often ineffective.  I have ended a newsletter...