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Do you run an agency?  Do you have a WordPress website for your agency?  Would you like an easier way to streamline running your website with your billing and client management systems?

Well, what if I told you there was an easier option?  What if I told you that you could move your website to a WordPress host.  And then you could combine your WordPress hosting with client and site management, branded client reports, and billing.  Well, you can do just that with Flywheel’s Growth Suite.

Flywheel’s Growth Suite allows you to do so many things all from one place.  I am going to go over its features and tell you what all they can help you do.  And then I will tell you how you can save money on a Flywheel Growth Suite plan with a promo code!

Growth Dashboard

When you log into your Growth Suite account, you’ll first see the Growth Dashboard.  This gives you an overview of your performance and your projected revenue.

The Growth Dashboard is where you can track important metrics, like:

  • Total number of websites you manage
  • Total number of client profiles
  • Average revenue per client
  • Total MRR and per-client MRR
  • Past due, recently paid, and soon-to-bill invoices

Bulk Site Management

Here’s where you can view all of the websites you manage.  You can sort your websites by stats, plugins, and site options.  If you connect your websites to Google, this is where you can view your website’s Google Analytics information.

When you sort by statistics, you can sort your websites by stats like bandwidth, visits, and storage.

When you sort by plugins, you can quickly see the status of all the plugins your sites use.  This is helpful if you want to see if say any plugin needs updating or if there are any security issues with any of your plugins.

And finally, you can sort by site options.  This gives you helpful information about your websites at a glance like:

  • Dev Mode: Enabled or Disabled
  • Staging: Enabled or Disabled
  • WordPress Version Number
  • PHP Version Number
  • SSL (whether it is enabled, secure, or needs attention)

Service Creation, Subscriptions & Billing

You’ll be able to create services or even tier-services with your Growth Suite.  You can set up a one-time plugin setup fee or even recurring maintenance charges all from your Growth Suite.  And you can set up one-time and recurring invoices directly from an individual client’s profile.

Client Management

The client management suite allows you to do all kinds of things, like:

  • Tie services rendered & specific projects to specific clients
  • View all managed sites associated with a client
  • Create, edit & cancel invoices
  • Fill out a “client notes” section with important details
  • Save & update credit card information
  • Save & update point-of-contact information

Client Reports

You’ll be able to easily create reports for clients so they can see what kind of value you offer them.  You can customize each automated report so that the customer will get one branded with their own logo and imagery.  And you can contain just the information they are interested in seeing.

Client Portal

Clients are able to log in and see the information for themselves so they won’t even have to bother you!

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