How to create a webinar for your blog or small business

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The Benefits of Webinars

Are you looking to get more traffic to your website?  Are you looking to grow your email list?  One way to do that is to have your own webinar.

Depending on what your blog is, having a webinar could make a lot of sense.  It’s a great way to be seen as an expert in your field.  And giving your customers great advice about your blogging niche could keep people coming back to your blog.

Let’s say, for example, you run a personal finance blog.  This could be a topic people would be interested in watching a webinar for.  And if they like what you have to say, this could be a loyal reader to your blog.

And did I mention you could grow your email list?  You could make the webinar free for anyone who signs up with their email address.  And then after the webinar, you could keep sending them newsletters about new blog entries.

How to Create a Webinar Easily

But here’s the thing.  Creating your own webinar may seem overwhelming.  If you have no experience doing this, you might be thinking, can I really do this?

And the answer is, yes…with the proper tools!  By using a tool like LiveWebinar, you can get started really easily without having any prior experience.

How LiveWebinar Works

LiveWebinar is such a great tool because it has an easy-to-use, customizable interface that helps you create great webinars.

You can easily run your webinar on any platform and then broadcast them to social networks.  This includes Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo & more.

And the webinars you create with LiveWebinar will look highly professional without you having to do anything complicated.

There are a lot of great functions involved with their webinars.  For example, you could keep the audience muted until they are prompted.  This is great because if you’re doing a webinar and you want them muted, you won’t even have to ask them.

So you know how I mentioned before that having a webinar could help you with your email list?  Well, with LiveWebinar, you can make custom registration forms and redirect it to your marketing automation platform.  LiveWebinar is integrated with popular email marketing campaigns like ConstantContact (which is a great email marketing platform!).

You can even create a call to action button with a title & message to show during your presentation.  You can choose how long the message will appear.  And you can drive attendees to a link of your choice.  So if there’s one page on your blog you really want to direct traffic to, there you go.

Worried that attendees might become bored during the webinar?  You can use polls and surveys in real-time as a way to keep the audience engaged.

LiveWebinar Deal

So here’s something really exciting.  There is a great deal going for LiveWebinar through AppSumo right now.  You can currently save 86% on the cost of LiveWebinar.  Yes, you heard me right.  86%.  And deals on AppSumo do not last forever so make sure you take advantage before the deal goes away!  Trust me, I waffled once on buying something through AppSumo and then the sale ended and I never saw the deal again.  But luckily you can make sure that doesn’t happen!  Because not only is LiveWebinar available at a discounted rate, but this a lifetime membership.  Meaning once you buy it, you won’t have to keep buying it over and over.  So take advantage of this deal while you can.


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Looking to get more traffic to your website and/or grow your email list? One way to do that is to have your own webinar! We go over how to easily create your own webinar, use polls and surveys in realtime, broadcast them to social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.), mute audiences, integrate with email marketing platforms, etc.