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How to get a website started for business or pleasure. How to pick the best web host and advice for making your website a success.

Save up to 86% on Namecheap domain & hosting

Why to Use Namecheap Domain and Hosting for Your Website

Namecheap Domain and Hosting If you are starting a new website, then you'll need two main things: Domain Name: This is basically your web address.  For instance, ours is Website Host:...
how to build a new website on Weebly

How to Make a Website with Weebly

Need to build a website for the first time? Let's go over how to make a website with Weebly - and, luckily, it's not only easy, but fun! Now, there are plenty...
The cheapest WordPress hosting with great WordPress specific features

Top 10 Cheapest Web Hosting for WordPress

Cheapest Web Hosting for WordPress Are you starting a new website and using WordPress?  First of all, that's a good choice; WordPress is a great way to build a new website.  Especially...
See which host you should choose for yoru website or blog: HostGator or Hostinger. Comparison of shared, VPS & cloud plans

Web Hosting Comparison: Hostinger vs. HostGator

Hostinger vs. HostGator Are you looking for a web host for a website or blog?  Then you may have come across Hostinger and HostGator.  Both are reputable we hosts who offer a...
Promo code for PDFElement PDF editing & creating software

PDFelement Pro Discount Code

PDFElement PDFElement is a great product.  We mention it in our tips on how to edit a PDF file. PDFElement is a great way to convert a wide range of file formats to...
Find out how you can easily get more customer reviws for your business

How to Get More Reviews for your Business

Getting More Reviews for Your Business If you are like me, then you really hate asking people for reviews.  I mean, it's so awkward.  And often ineffective.  I have ended a newsletter...
Learn how to increase page views for your website or blog

How to Increase Page Views: 12 Simple Ways

How to Increase Page Views As website developers and bloggers, we are always wanting to increase page views.  The more people viewing our pages means the more people you can reach.  And...
Promo code for Weebly hosting & website builder

Weebly Promo Code

Weebly Are you looking to build a website but have you no experience doing so?  Weebly is a wonderful way to easily do just that!  They have a website builder that is...
Coupon code rate for Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business Coupon Code

Yahoo Small Business If you have a small business, then you need a website.  Even if you are not going to sell anything on your website, you need a website out there...
Promotional code for Flywheel web hosting for WordPress websites

WordPress Hosting: Flywheel Promo Code

Flywheel Hosting Flywheel hosting is a really good choice for anyone with a WordPress website.  That is because Flywheel offers great Managed WordPress hosting plans. Managed WordPress Hosting So why is Managed WordPress hosting...