Make money online with a movie review website which you can create without any coding experience

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Have you ever thought about creating a movie review website like RottenTomatoes or IMDB?  If you love movies, then this could be a lot of fun! It could always be a great way to make money, whether you want to do as a sidehustle or as a way to work fulltime from home and earn money.  If you accept other people’s reviews, then your website could constantly be updated without you having to put in the work all the time, so it could be a wonderful passive income, too.

And the great thing about it is you don’t even have to have experience coding or creating websites.  You can totally do this as a complete beginner.  This is made possible with Moview, a Movie Database & Review Joomla Template along with the SP Movie Database extension.  This means your website will already be customized to look and feel like a movie review website, and it will have a ton of awesome features, too:

  • A rating and review system where registered users can rate and review movies
  • An unlimited amount of entries, so you can include as many movies as you want!
  • A detailed view for each movie with useful information
  • The ability to add the trailers for each movie
  • The ability to categorize movies by genres
  • The ability to alphabetize your list of movies or order them in different ways
  • An Actor/Director Profile option, where each actor, actress or director can have their own profile page with a description, image, birth date, filmography and social links
  • The ability to add movies showtimes where you could list when movies are being shown in local cinemas

So you might be thinking, this sounds great, but can I really do it without any experience with websites?  Luckily, yes, because you can get SP Page Builder Pro.  SP Page Builder Pro is an amazing way for beginners to create their own websites with drop and drag features which means you don’t need any computer programming or coding experience whatsoever.  You can buy a personal account here and get access to the templates & extensions needed to build your own movie database and you can add on SP Page Builder Pro and you can do this for just $89.  You would also need to get a web host and a domain (here are some tips on choosing a domain), but domains are often included in the price of hosting and you can find some really affordable hosting options here.

And this would be a great thing to do just for fun, but if you want to make back that initial investment, you might be wondering: how exactly do you earn money from this?  Well, there are multiple ways you can do this:

  • You could charge for memberships and then only people who pay you a monthly fee could see your reviews
  • You would make affiliate relationships with specific companies with relatable products.  You could then have affiliate banners on your websites that relate to movies (such as Fandango, or websites that sell movies, like Amazon and Best Buy) and then when people click on those banners and make purchases, you would make a percentage of these sales.  We go further into detail about affiliate marketing here.
  • You could run ads on your websites like Google Ads or Mediavine, and then you would make money when people click on those links.  The advantages here would be you wouldn’t have to make relationships with multiple companies and you could make money even if people don’t make purchases (but you could potentially make more through affiliate marketing if someone makes a large purchase).  We go into more detail about this here.

You could also do a combination of these money making options.  With any of these options, of course, you would need people coming to your website.   Here are some ways you can do this:

But remember, this is your website so you can run it the way you see fit!  So have fun and get started, because by using Moview with SP Page Builder Pro, you’ll be able to make an incredibly professional looking movie review website that could earn you a lot of money!