10 tips for how to make money with a politics blog whether you're Republican, Democrat, Progressive, etc.

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If you have a political blog and you want to earn money from it, then there are many ways you can achieve just that.  No matter what your political affiliation is (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Progressive, etc.) you can do what you’re passionate about and make money.  Just read our 10 tips for monetizing your political blog.

If you haven’t started your blog yet:

Tip 1) Host your blog on WordPress.  WordPress was originally built for blogs and it is a great way new bloggers to get started with incredibly professional looking websites without it being too difficult.  In fact, you can read our non-technical guide to getting started with WordPress here to help you get started with WordPress.  And you can use a great political theme for your website such as this.

Tip 2) Start out with a cheaper web hosting plan initially to keep costs down.  Here is a list of cheaper web hosts.

If you have already started your blog and you want to get more reach so that you can monetize your blog, then here are some tips:

Tip 3) Share your posts on social media.  Social media like Facebook and Twitter are wonderful ways to spread the word because people go there for political news.  You can find out how to get more shares for your Facebook posts here.

Tip 4) Consider starting an Instagram as a way to help promote you and in turn your blog.  You can post graphics with quotes or use infographics to make your point about certain political views.  You can use these tips to get more Instagram followers to increase your reach and you can consider getting a subscription to Fotor to help you create your graphics.

Tip 5) In addition to being active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, start a YouTube channel where you can tape your views on matters.  You can buy an affordable camera by purchasing one of these and use that to vlog.

Tip 6) Get well versed in search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO.  The higher you show up in Google, the better.  Find out our tips for how to get ranked higher in Google here.

If you already have a lot of traffic to your blog and you are looking to monetize your blog, here are some ways:

Tip 7) Ask for donations.  If people who read your blog believe in your political views, then they might want to donate money to help you keep the blog going.  If you use WordPress, you can do this with a donation plugin such as Donation Manager for WordPress.

Tip 8) Get a Google Adsense Account to earn money.  Google Adsense is great for blogs with high traffic because you can make a lot of money when people click on ads.

Tip 9) Offer others the ability to guest blog for a fee.  Other people with similar political views will want to post (or perhaps you’ll want those with differing views to post to offer a counterargument – and they may be willing to spend money to do so!) and by charging them, you’ll be able to earn money.  If you have WordPress, you can use USP Pro Front End Forms in order to accept guest blog posts.

Tip 10) Offer subscriptions and then give bonus material for paid subscribers.  It will drive people without a subscription nuts knowing there is material out there they can’t see, since politics is something a lot of people are really, really passionate about.  You can use something like Ultimate Membership Pro for this.

Tip 11) Do affiliate marketing.  We go into details about affiliate marketing here.  Basically, you can run ads or mentions products in your blog and when there are sales, you can make a percentage of the sale.  You can look for companies that make sense given your base or you can promote books from Amazon Associates with your political leanings.

Tip 12) You can take your blog entries and make into a longer ebook.  You can then sell your ebook on your website.  You can use WP Simple Pay to charge customers for it if you use WordPress.


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If you have a political blog & want to earn money blogging, you can with our 10 tips. Whether you're Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Progressive, etc., you can all succeed with this advice!