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How to get a website started for business or pleasure. How to pick the best web host and advice for making your website a success.

The benfits of video marketing and making a youtube channel for your business

Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

When you’re trying to get the word out about your business, have you considered using videos?  If you haven’t, then you really should. You could be missing out on so many...
How to generate terms & conditions for your website

Terms & Conditions for a Website Template

If you run a website, then having an online terms & conditions is a must.  What exactly is that?  Simply put, they are a set of guidelines & rules that a...

How to Add SSL to My Website Hosted by Kinsta

*Updated 4/4/2019* One of the many perks of using Kinsta for your web hosting is that you get free SSL! What do you need to know about SSL? By SSL, we mean an SSL...

Adding a New Site to Your Kinsta Account

Here's a transcript from the above video, which will help you add a new website to your previous existing Kinsta account. This is great if you already have a site (or...