How you can build a review website like TripAdvisor and make money

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You’re probably familiar with the online travel giant TripAdvisor – a great place to go when you want to read reviews of hotels and travel activities – but have you ever thought of creating a TripAdvisor like website yourself?  It’s the perfect online business or side hustle for anyone who loves traveling!  It would actually not be as hard as you might think – for starters, since your website would be updated with other people’s reviews, your website would be constantly updated without you having to write lots and lots of content – perfect for anyone who is also busy with other things, like another job, parenting or traveling!

So first, we’ll go over how to create a website, then we’ll go over how to get traffic to your new website and then we’ll discuss you you can monetize it. Let’s consider the different ways you could earn money from it:

So how do you start this website?  We’ll go over that here:

How to Create a Travel Review Website Like TripAdvisor

  1. Get a web host

    First you should pick out a web host. BlueHost would be a great option for you because they have great affordable plans for new websites, offer great support and websites on BlueHost plans tend to be faster than websites on other web hosts.

  2. Get a domain

    Another great feature of BlueHost is you can get a domain name for free. Pick a domain name that resembles what you want to do with your review site, because really there are different ways you can take it. For example, you could focus on travel in a certain location (such as, say, Canada or Texas) or you could make it worldwide. You could focus on all kinds of travel of you could go more specific, such as family travel, solo travel, budget travel, luxury travel – there are a lot of ways you can go with it, and your name should reflect what your focus will be.

  3. Get WordPress

    In my opinion, WordPress is the best way to create a website like this because you don’t need to learn any kind of coding to get it started and there are a lot of things you can add to your website in order to make it work. You can view a video of how to get WordPress on your BlueHost website here.

  4. Get a WordPress Theme

    So you may be wondering, how can you easily get your website to act like a TripAdvisor type of website without any coding? Well, this is why WordPress is so great; you can add a theme and it can get your website looking all kinds of ways. The theme you should use here is Listeo – Directory & Listings with Bookings. This theme is perfect for creating a website like TripAdvisor without any coding. You can watch this video to see how to add a theme to BlueHost here.

So now that you have you can get visitors to come to your website so you’ll be in a position to earn money for your website.

  1. Start an Instagram Account. Instagram is great for travel because travel pictures really lend themselves well for Instagram. Here are some tips on how to grow your Instagram account.
  2. Start a YouTube Account. YouTube is also great for travel. You can get an affordable camera here and you can find a great deal on editing software here.
  3. Start a Pinterest Account. Pinterest is another great platform that lends itself well to a travel business. You can learn how to use Pinterest to market your business here.
  4. Start a Facebook Account. Facebook is another great way to reach customers and promote your product. Learn how you can get more Facebook shares here.
  5. Run ads on Google. Running ads on Google can be expensive, but it is an effective way to get customers to your website.
  6. A cheaper way to get higher in Google could be by utilizing search engine optimization (otherwise known as S.E.O.) tricks so you can show up higher on Google naturally. Find out what the best SEO tools are here.
  7. Use email marketing. Email marketing is a great way to get interested customers coming back to your business. Consider using Constant Contact, ConvertKit or AWeber.

So now that you’ve grown your website, find out how you can start making a lot of money!

  1. You could charge travel businesses (such as hotels, restaurants, activities, etc.) for paid listings where they could add pictures or videos. You can use Stripe to charge customers, and you can find out how to use Stripe to charge customers on WordPress here.
  2. You could run Google Ads on your website, which you can learn more about here.
  3. You could make money through affiliate marketing – learn more about that here.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

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